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  • HEAT
    260 10 8

    She is the moon, and he is the sun, together they create a dangerous heat. A dark romance story (17+up)

  • Erotica Romantica
    317 9 3

    This is a short story book full of erotica's that I write for ideas or fun. This is not for immature readers or readers who are minors. This is erotica, filled with writings that'll make some blush. 18+Up

    863 65 13

    A story between Gods and Monsters. Sinners quarrels. Diseased mistakes. Forbidden love. Broken Hearts. Shattered Souls. Undeniable powers. Children's of Abomination. When legions of werewolves isn't as it seems, only one woman can tell them their history, their ancestors, and their original story. Love will t...

  • A Woman's Touch(Sample-Only on Dreame)
    76K 1K 8

    Join the world of the poor and the proper of two women colliding. BDSM, heathens, love, sex and obsession brings the whirl wind of two people committing to one another in this dangerous attraction. When one girl leaves home to the big Apple nothing will ever be the same, for better or for worse. Enjoy. (Rated R for...

    Completed   Mature
  • When Mommy Loves Me
    346K 7.4K 28

    When Mommy Loves Me The day I move into New York was also the day I knew things wouldn't be the same. Moving away from Hong Kong was a big step for me. Finding a place to stay wasn't hard but wasn't easy as well. Landing a job shouldn't seem hard right? I land an internship at the Covington Fashion and Mag...

    Completed   Mature