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  • prey → archie andrews [riverdale]
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    in which she couldn't have came back to riverdale at a worse time. RIVERDALE SEASON ONE [ARCHIE ANDREWS X OC]

  • Sweetheart • Riverdale
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    [ON HIATUS] "It doesn't matter anymore, Delilah. Jason's killer is still out there, and I can't keep you safe all by myself. You're one of a kind, my sweetheart. I can't lose you." In which an innocent girl gets corrupted by the cold hard reality of what was happening around her, maybe even falls in love. [Archie Andr...

  • Haunting ||Archie Andrews||
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    [Season 1] [Book 1] In which a boy with dark secrets and girl with a pure heart and dark secrets of her own struggle to love. #2 under the Archie Andrews tag (02/25/2017) #1 under the Archie Andrews tag (03/01/2017) -- I don't own Riverdale.

  • Queen Bee | Archie Andrews
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    "Riverdale's original head bitch is back and better than ever, ladies and gentlemen." After a few months away of modeling all around the world, by her daddy's connections of course, Ivory Anderson, Riverdale's original hottie, is back and ready to reclaim her title as Riverdale's Queen Bee. Although Ivory is always...

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    in which a summer fling turns into much more [riverdale s1 & s2] [archie andrews x oc] on hiatus cover creds to me!

  • Good Grief | k. Keller
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    "He's your little boy, but he's my soul mate" Riverdale Kevin Keller (boy x boy) Season 1/social media [i don't own Riverdale, the CW, the characters, actors, asa butterfield, the plot of the show; but I do own Garrett Smith and Mariana Laken]

  • Dark Hearts || Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones [1]
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    ❝Ellie is the little girl who grew up fixing and loving broken things, except herself.❞ Betty has another sister named Eleanor RIVERDALE | SEASON 1 BOOK 1