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  • Haikyuu!! X Reader
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    REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN🖤 The title says it all lol This is my first fanfic so have mercy and enjoy ur love story

  • Haikyuu X Reader One-Shots
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    I fell in love with haikyuu the first time I watched it. I also fell in love with every single person in the show. So I decided to put my love into a book for you fellow fans to enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own haikyuu or any of it's characters. Most of the one shots in this book may be aimed towards female audiences...

  • Haikyuu!! One-shots!!
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    You read that right. This is a × Fem! Reader unless you want bxb or gxg 〖 Fluff • Angst • Lemons/smut • Humor • AUs • Shorts 〗 *Whole disclaimer that I dont own haikyuu and any art here, i edit all my covers*

  • oneshot | haikyuu!!
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    ✧ Haikyuu! babes waiting for you ✧ ↠ send requests ☻ ;; {CONTINUING} ↠ I don't do lemons; but that's because I'm terrible at intimate scenes ↠ I do every characters because why not? ♡

  • HaikyuuxReader (Little Love Stories)
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    This is my first story on Wattpad so I'm very sorry for grammar mistakes and typos. I hope you like the one-shots and please do not hesitate to request. I will be accepting any kind of requests (other than lemons). You can request from comments or you can just go on and pm me too ^.^ [REQUEST ARE OPEN]

  • drown in your hands ; haikyuu x reader
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    ❝cause there's still too long to the weekend, too long till i drown in your hands, too long since i've been a fool...❞ _ disclaimer: ▶ i do not own haikyuu!! nor the reader (obv) 『requests are open 』

  • Haikyuu!! X Reader(DISCONTINUED)
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    I do: -Angst -Drabbles -Fluff -Lime/Lemon -Smut -Alternative Universes -Songfics

  • Dorky Love [Haikyuu x Reader]
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    「Requests are currently CLOSED」 Basiclly a Haikyuu x Reader. One-shot, two-shots, three-shots (no more than three, or else it'll never end), angst or fluff, you call it, I'll write all of them. " We're basically developing at this point, and we don't know the limits of our potential. Even if we felt those limits w...

  • Haikyuu X Reader - Oneshots - Lemons/Fluffs/Smut
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    Haikyuu X Reader - Oneshots - Lemons/Fluffs/Smut

  • Haikyuu Imagines. {Haikyuu x Reader}
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    "To strike past all obstacles...That's the Ace!" -Asahi Azumane ✸Lemons, Limes, Angsts, Fluffs!! All types of oneshot genres! You name it! ✸These volleyball dorks won't just be spiking the volleyball! They'll be spiking to win your heart! ✸Requests are always welcome!

  • Haikyuu!! ~Dorky Scenarios~
    69.4K 1.1K 15

    The title says it all... I'll be taking request anytime ^^ I'll also love if you could give me feedback on my wrting that could help a lot... NOTE: I do not own the Haikyuu characters they belong to Haruichi Furudate

  • {completed} one-shots 》haikyuu!! x reader
    2.1M 64.8K 148

    eyo! let's forget about the real world for a minute and delve into a world where hooking up with fictional volleyball players is a thing, shall we? reached 1M reads: 27/04/2020 ??? {i do not own haikyuu!! or any of its characters; all credit goes to haruichi furudate.} ??? requests are currently: closed (sorr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Haikyuu!! Scenarios [Requests: OPEN]
    67.2K 990 7

    A book of headcanons, wether it be romantic and scenarios, shippings or anything that you want regarding Haikyuu. Anything to satisfy your haikyuu needs Please read the first page if ever you want to request some. REQUEST SHOEBOX ---> OPEN

  • Haikyuu!! Boyfriend Scenarios!! *In Editing*
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    Hello there!! So I know there are many of these but I love this anime so imma do scenarios with them. There are some one shots in here as well. Check out my Akatsuki and Naruto scenarios as well. I hope you enjoy XD