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  • all the rage ─ e. cullen
    12.6K 617 4

    ❝ SHIT WITH YOU NEVER GETS OLD, DOES IT? ❞ jesse trouvaille, a lighter, and a nosy ass vampire. great, more headassery. [ edward cullen x male oc ] [ twilight]

  • Care A Little ↠ Alice Cullen
    3.4K 318 4

    ❝Do you find love in the strangest of times? Do you find love tangled up in the vines? Do you find love? Is this something you do? Or does love find a way, find its own way to you?❞ ~ From a young age, Cartia Grimaldi has actively avoided love in all forms. Unlike what you may think, she isn't jaded but instead prote...

  • DEATH'S DOOR ( alice cullen )
    60.9K 2.5K 22

    Under the watchful eyes of death, Shay Chambers learns to love Alice Cullen. But when death has decided that one's life is complete, not even love can stand in his way. [eclipse]

  • minor it down ━ (embry call)
    2.1K 138 3

    ❛ YOUR BURNING NEED TO RESURRECT YOURSELF ❜ Silas Verbatten didn't want to say he had a penchant for setting things on fire, he simply found it to be a small satisfaction ━ really it was a rare indulgence. However, the label of 'pyromaniac' and 'hooligan', a nicer description than the occasional 'arsonist' and 'riote...