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  • {MagixReader} ||Various|| One-Shots (Requests: Open) HIATUS
    11.4K 435 17

    This is my first One-Shot/Fan fiction book M'kay? So I hope you all enjoy! BTW, I won't be doing smut and requests are open if you want to suggest something. ~Gem 💎 Disclaimer: Magi does not belong to me.

  • Sinbad X Reader
    189K 6.4K 31

    After years of hiding, Princess (Y/N) gets a lucky break. A mysterious man shows up offering her a way out, and she takes it, hoping she'll manage to return to her friends she left so long ago, and see what one man in particular has created. She's dreamed of reuniting with him for years, and now she might get the chan...

  • Teen Sinbad x Reader
    184K 7K 23

    Princess (Y/N) hails from the country of Tenrou, where she is known not only as an incredible dancer, but as the next to take the throne. When a pair of merchants arrive at the palace to speak with the Queen, (Y/N) takes it upon herself to arrange a deal, and in doing so, she creates a unique opportunity for herself...

  • Sinbad X Reader
    21.2K 806 8

    A young girl, (Y/N), has set off into the open sea to achieve her dream to be an adventurer. Her very first journey led her to the Northern Lands, where she encountered a Rampaging Unicorn and a man with his sister. Luckily, a man by the name of Sinbad, saved them and afterwards, introduced himself to the three of the...

  • The Magi Of Time And Space (Discontinuing)
    79.7K 2.2K 87

    Arc 1: Beginning Lia was a Normal otaku. 15 years ago she was in a accident and was in a comatose state for 11 months. When she woke up, for some reason she was crying. Around her neck was amethyst necklace. She never found who gave it to her. 15 years have now passed and she is 24. She lives alone with her younge...