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  • Shouldn't Be Falling
    4.8K 381 15

    This has been the forth time. Sanji had been caught looking in the girls locker room. Zeff has had the last straw. Now. He would be sent off to an academy.

  • Sleeping on you
    3.8K 166 2

    "This is all your fault marimo" "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't ask you to come up in the first place love-cook" A quick little two shot where Sanji falls asleep, on Zoro ;)

  • Your Looking At My Mask
    395 30 1

    Hello! It's me again with another ZoSan one-shot. This is going to be an unrequited one sooooo...yeah. Thought of this from a picture I saw. I'll put the image in the story. Although the image has nothing related to my plot line it still gave me to think of ideas for this. If you don't like unrequited love then don't...

  • One Piece Fairy Tales
    12.1K 315 13

    A bunch of ships written in fairy tales

  • Impel Down [ZoSan]
    16K 840 26

    Note: This was not made by me, it was made by ' BlackBarBooks ' i just wanted to share this awesome story for everyone who likes ZoSan (Do mind this story is long) anyways ENJOY! Sanji was a chef in Impel Down until his kind heart got him into trouble and now he's in charge of Roronoa Zoro's torture! With both of them...

  • Zosan- New years mistletoe ( finished )
    4.7K 242 4

    Sanji notices he had a secret admirer, thinking its Nami or Robin he goes to investigate. But realising its not them, what does he do?

  • Two Single Hearts
    28K 1K 11

    Demons based off the seven sins. Sanji is a high priest. But. As time goes on. Things go down hill once a little visitor comes to visit

  • Husbands and Roommates
    2.6K 162 8

    This is the second story of Roommates. Where Zoro and Sanji are now married and have a troublesome son.

  • The Luna and Solis (One Piece WA 2017)
    11.8K 723 11

    Latin translation: Luna-moon Solis-sun AU: a myth about how the sun and moon came to be. This is a short Zosan fanfic, so please enjoy. Highest rank #6 under zosan [Started 4/2/16] [Completed 6/21/16]

  • Roommates
    32.5K 1.6K 32

    Sanji lives alone in his two bedroom apartment and a little someone is there to accompany him.

    Completed   Mature
  • 6 Brats In A Frat
    71.4K 3.7K 81

    WARNING: This is MalexMale and contains sexual scenes, strong language, violence etc. Read at own risk. ... What happens when you think everything is normal around you but in reality, you don't have a clue? What happens after you fall into the trap? What happens when blood starts to drip? What happens when lust take...

    Completed   Mature
  • All in Good Time
    104K 4.3K 229

    Read the first chapter

  • Laying the Past to Rest (One Piece WA 2017)
    10.6K 669 27

    "Let me help you!" "How? When you can't even help your damn self." Sanji Vinesmoke has always had issues, but one wrong turn shook his life and ended others. For the last 4 months he had struggle with his PTSD until he realized the more pills he popped the better he felt. Roronoa Zoro is a young vet who only...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty And The Beast.
    27.2K 1.1K 17

    Zoro didn't really care much for the kingdom. He didn't care for anything at all. All he cared for was booze and fighting in the war. He didn't even care for a wife. He is the man to be king of this kingdom. This unusual weird kingdom. Some one taught him a lesson. What was the lesson and will he become himself again...

  • The Color of You ~ zosan (One Piece WA 2017)
    19.3K 854 12

    A.U.~ You only see black and white UNTIL you recive the first touch from your soulmate. Then, color blooms before your eyes in a vivid flood it circles around you. The catch? You lose color when the love dies. Zoro has already seen color, and lost it. Sanji has never seen color, and doesn't believe in it. [Completed 2...

  • Run with Us
    8.2K 316 11

    Locked away in Gold Quarters resides many with powers.

  • The Icemaker (Zosan Fic)
    3.5K 148 12

    Zoro being the new hockey player slowly raising to the top, he is forced to a figure skating practice, and reluctantly meets the number one champion in the world, Sanji. After getting on the new skates and forced to try and skate around, he angrily agrees to go to one of his shows, and with great awe, Zoro suddenly re...

  • Twelve days of Christmas
    23.4K 483 14

    A bunch of ships for Christmas.

  • Mugiwara High (One Piece WA 2017)
    40.4K 1.9K 37

    Sanji Vinesmoke can't believe he got into the highschool of his dreams, but a overprotective father and a careless jock seem to ruin his day before it even begins. ~~~ A book of different POVs through highschool told by the straw hats and friends. [Started 1/16/17] [Completed 8/17/17] Highest rank #2 zosan ...

  • Sanji's Secret
    18.2K 546 14

    Sanji has a secret, but will it be reviled? Will his box be found? Will his beloved hate him? Zosan Part two: Sanji's Secret-two years of hell

  • Craving
    1.3K 63 3

    Takes place after the Enies Lobby arc. Sanji pays a late-night visit to Zoro in the crow's nest, and the crew accidentally overhears their antics. Oneshot. Zoro x Sanji (c) EudaimonArisornae from This is a sample story .. and not made by me so still, hope you enjoy

  • Soul King
    1K 45 8

    When Luffy suddenly tells Zoro he wants his dream of forming an internationally famous band to come true, Zoro has no choice but to give in to his hopeful eyes. Together, the two of them meet other musical dorks like them, and form the Mugiwara in hopes of accomplishing the said to be impossible. Warning for language...

  • nightmares
    737 37 1

    Sanji is plagued with horrible nightmares and goes to zoro for comfort. one-shot! fluff! zosan. zoro/sanji

  • Zosan - Mr Roronoa
    96.5K 3.7K 24

    HEY GUYS I'm sorry i don't update much I'm terrible! i got college and stuff and a tablet isn't much of a good thing for watt pad so i MOSTLY update when I'm on a mac at the college. if you got any ideas for what should happen next comment below! :)

  • The Prince and the Swordsman (Zoro x Sanji)
    2.2K 70 1

    ~~ One shot ZoSan fanfic ~~

  • A To Z ZoSan Oneshots
    39.5K 1.6K 29

    Hellos I thought of making some Oneshots all the way from A to Z about my fav OTP ZoSan! They will be short but they are still fluffy so dont worry. I hope you enjoy this I will try to update this more often! Anyway peace!✌

  • Take a guess [ZoSan one shot]
    804 45 1

    (Story not by me) By: Marimoface on deviant art

  • Be Mine
    686 45 1

    Zoro always seen this man walk into the Sunny Gym. Never got the chance to speak to him or anything. But tonight he's going to suck it up and talk to him. If it doesn't work out than it wasn't meant to be. Well maybe he'll try again.

    Completed   Mature
  • Zosan: Our Power Walk To heaven
    2.5K 118 2

    Sanji loves Nami so dearly much he jumps in front to protect her, but who knew their foe was too strong to the point to kill anyone in one shot. The stubborn blonde loses all consciousness and doesn't realize he's left a trail of broken hearts behind, Zoro won't let go that easily. 《WARNING》 Short sad Yaoi ( Boy X Bo...

  • Presents [ZoSan one shot]
    289 17 1

    (Not made by me) By: seven-bridges on deviant art