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  • Xero's Vault
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    A collection of short stories varying in content. Some from class, others from pure, unrestrained boredom. I'll accept prompts and short story challenges, those will be added into this collection.

  • Blüdbourne
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    My name is Isaac Devereaux, I live in a society that thrives with science and religion, and where 40% of the human population is super-powered in some way, only I'm different from them. My life was pretty normal, for a while, then I find out my roommate is a demon king, my dog is a hellhound, Lucifer runs a club under...

  • Much Bullshit, Such Wow
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    Everything in here is a spawn of boredom. None of it is canon. Pyrus: And I'm suddenly frightened. Me: Oh, you'll be fine... maybe