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  • scared to be lonely - chris & eva
    19.3K 450 13

    "but you love me and you can't avoid these feelings." what happened after Sana's party? did Chris really have feelings for Emma? what's going to happen in Eva's last year?

  • Perfectly wrong
    54.5K 1.7K 38

    Mendes, the typical 19 year old boy. Well apart from the fact that he's part of a gang which his half bother is in control of. Shawn though would never be chosen to hurt anyone, not until that night anyway. Camila Cabello, a simple 18 year old girl who likes quiet nights in and reading books life is changed one Friday...

  • I Can't Seem To Let You Go
    109K 3.5K 82

    [UNDER SLOW EDITING] Being the new kid at school is never easy. Not if you're insecure about a lot of things about yourself, and especially not when you're practically the richest person at school. At least that's how it is for some people. As soon as she sets foot through the doors of Miami's International Music Acad...

  • Publicity Stunt (Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello)
    85.8K 2.3K 24

    What if everything you saw and read from media outlets was staged? What if you were under contract not to tell anyone?

  • Jar Of Hearts
    9.3K 145 7

    St.Berry story so sorry Finchel shippers. After the egging incident Rachel swore to herself she didn't want to see Jesse ever again, and she took pride in knowing that she wouldn't considering he was going to UCLA...or so she thought. Rachel Berry's life is about to change drastically and looks like Jesse St James wi...

  • The Transfer: A Glee Fanfiction
    48.9K 763 23

    Since Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy, Rachel's life has been miserable. She misses her friend, the only one who understood how she felt when bullies called her names or threw slushies in her face. Being at McKinley has become torturous, and Rachel can't take it anymore. She makes a decision that will change everyt...

  • Fake Dating My Bestfriend Shawn Mendes
    3.3M 69.2K 44

    "It's fake, what could go wrong?" You'd be surprised. || Highest ranking: Under FanFiction #19 Under 'Shawn Mendes' #12 10/8/19 - Camila will not be in this story. No need to bring her up in the comments. Started writing this is 2013. Warning: the beginning chapters are hella cringe and they fucking suck...

  • The Lost Luna (Camren) [Editing]
    246K 7.8K 28

    Five teenagers, One pack, the Maximus Lunae Pack. Follow Lauren Jauregui's journey along with her pack through complications, fights, deaths, and love. This fanfic or its cover may not be reproduced, reposted, or copied.

  • This is not Pretty Woman
    46.5K 1.8K 3

    Loosely based on Pretty Woman but not really.

  • My Love Has Come Along
    84.5K 3.7K 10

    "No one wants to date the weird, quiet girl who works in the soap shop," Lauren states calmly, not upset by the words, but rather stating them as facts. "You're more than that," Normani argues. "You're right," Lauren agrees. "I'm also a witch hiding my powers from the public because I quite like not being burned at th...

  • "Letters she never sent"
    44.8K 1.9K 21

    This is a series of letters (and occasionally diary entries written to themselves) that Camila and Lauren had written to each other from the moment they met to now. For the girls, writing letters about each other and certain events that took place was their only way of truly expressing how they felt, without actually...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Paradise (Camren)
    1.2M 32.2K 59

    You have your moral and your principles above all, you follow the law, you pay every tax. And by divine intervention or not, someone crosses your path and makes you rethink all of that, someone who makes your world turn upside down, someone who turns you inside out and makes you realize that inside out is the right wa...

  • Fallen Angel (Camren)
    340K 9.2K 18

    Karla Camila, model, millionaire. With a past laden with love and heartbreak caused by Lauren Jauregui, one of the great entrepreneurs of Victoria's Secret, whose insecurity of being who she truly is, made her lose great opportunities. After a few years, Lauren reencounters the first love of her life, on a runway, bri...

  • Don't Go There (Camren)
    305K 6.7K 28

    10 years ago Camila's mother left her father to be with another man. Her father was lonely untill he found Clara. Clara had already children of her own, Chris, Taylor and Lauren. They all grew up together and all love eachother and ofcourse see eachother as their stepsisters/brothers. But what happens when unwanted f...

  • snapchat; s.m & c.c
    15K 642 10

    ❥ boy meets girl on snapchat. lowercase intended.

  • Touch (Jerrie Fanfiction)
    980K 21.5K 77

    Little Mix has finished the Get Weird Tour and was enjoying a short break until the promotion of their fourth album. Jerrie and Lesy were staying at their apartments to write songs for their new album. However, Perrie realized her feeling for Jade was getting stronger and she found it hard to contain her feeling for...

  • Midnight Outings (Normila)
    47.4K 2.1K 25

    Normani and Camila are your average college students with big dreams and ambitions. Camila has dreams of becoming a big writer, while Normani dreams of becoming a singer. Both Camila and Normani sometimes struggle with their writing. Ever since Camila found herself returning to Hamilton's, a local café every Monday...

  • The Other Roommate (camren)
    912K 4.4K 4

    When Camila Cabello moved into an apartment, she thought she came prepared. But of all the things she expected, being thrown into Lauren Jauregui's ploy against her cheating ex-girlfriend was not one of them. It would have been a lot easier if she didn't despise the other woman. COVER BY: @SLOTHTATO aka wise child

  • ashes to ashes ➵ camren
    191K 9K 13

    The year is 2078. The world is split - war torn - completely altered by the decline of technology and the rise of certain powers. Camila does whatever she can to ease her family's burden, although simply surviving is hard enough on its own. Life gets even more complicated when a confused stranger washes up on the beac...

  • (i think) there's a flaw in my code | camren
    265K 9.2K 8

    Camila wins a radio contest and gets to spend a week with the world's newest rising popstar: Lauren Jauregui.

  • the truth about tomorrow ➸ camren
    467K 19.2K 17

    North Haven Medical Hospital is home to many types of patients, including newcomer Camila Cabello - the girl who hates endings. The young brunette hates thinking about the fact that she's doomed to spend the remainder of her days within the confines of the hospital. But when she meets some unexpected friends, along wi...

  • His Influence
    113K 3.3K 26

    17-year-old high school senior Camila Cabello meets 19-year-old bad boy Shawn Mendes. What happens when Shawn shows Camila a world she never knew?

  • The Stripper (Camren)
    10.8M 206K 61

    Have you ever imagined having two lives? Be two people at the same time? I bet you have. But between thinking about it and actually living it, there was a very big difference, believe it. Imagine... Camila, a sweet and delicate woman. Karla, sexy and imposing. Which one would you choose? What's your type? Hard, I kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reversal (Camren/Norminah)
    389K 16.2K 66

    It's 2016. This is Miami. We're both young, naive idiots who could never comprehend the dark underbelly of this world. You've been broken, and you need me. I've been sculpted, and I need you as well. We have a good thing going, where you won't let me leave, and I won't let you hurt. But what if everything began to cha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Twitter → shawmila
    151K 6.4K 107

    @shawnmendes is following you! @shawnmendes: Hello! ♡ A Famous singer gets ahold from one of his Mendes Army on Twitter, Camila Cabello.

  • CC7
    6.9M 117K 28

    Lauren and Camila are two of the most promising soccer talents in the country. The two skilled girls are playing for the U-17 US team to win the world championship in Costa Rica. Their connection on the field is obvious but what happens off field when unexpected feelings come in to play?

  • Journals (Camren)
    2.3M 52.9K 39

    it's gone. Many people find their escape through writing. That was true for Camila. She wrote in her journal daily, without fail, about her best friend and long-time crush, Lauren. But when her journal ends up in the wrong hands, she's forced to either succumb to reality or make her voice heard. JOURNALS IS OFFICIALLY...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life Imitating Art
    23.3K 775 2

    Hollywood Famous actresses Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello met on the set of the new movie ‘Trials and Tribulations’ and hit it off immediately. The story about a sad girl with an intriguing story and an ordinary softball player was inspired by the actresses - the writer is a big fan of both - and needless to say...

  • LJ10
    5.2M 112K 34

    Sequel to CC7

  • that's why our ribs are cages ➸ camren
    262K 10.1K 14

    ➸ Based on the suggestion: “Maybe the little bruises and cuts that show up on your body seemingly out of nowhere are actually little injuries that happened to your soulmate and you get the same marks on your skin as them.” Highest Rank - #399 in Fanfiction