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    124K 7.4K 19

    Lucian's life is bland and grey. He has a normal job, normal friends and a normal relationship, but he's not attracted to normality, he wants chaos, he wants the rush of adrenaline from taking risks, and that's what he gets when he meets Cedric and Elijah, the boys who will paint his world with a kaleidoscope of color...

  • Above High Waters [MXM]
    20.7K 1.5K 10

    Afibia is dying. The rich vibrant cove of merfolk has been under the wrath of pollutants, poison, and disease. A decision made by the cove's elders requires all merfolk within the region to evacuate within twelve new moons, but Omi, a young merman cannot imagine living anywhere else. Afibia was his home, and the only...

  • Addicted to Chocolate [Addicted Book 1] (BoyxBoy) #WattPride
    322K 11K 32

    Meet Ethan Hunter, a pure-blooded incubus-vampire with temper problems and a life that's gone to shit. He wishes he could escape the routine of his day by day fucked up life. But he doesn't see any way out. Being the incubus vamp he is, he can't go a day with out at least three fucks. So how the hell is he going to ma...

  • Arctic Wolf
    1.2M 49.9K 21

    The new cover is thanks to a fan of mine, and I think they did a very wonderful job! @mwontobey Jamie, small, fragile, a major nerd. Ross, tall, strong, a major jock. Jamie is a runaway, he ran from the place that tortured him for being different and ended up in a different pack. Ross, the soon to be Alpha has yet to...

  • The Older Man (BoyxBoy)
    4.1M 129K 34

    "Good, you're early. Perfect. Come with me." From the tour Don gave me yesterday I knew he was taking me to the kitchen. I guess I'm about to find out why. "Make me that wicked cup of coffee you spoke about." God, his accent. "As you wish, sir," I said with a mock British accent. "And what flavor do you prefer?" I ask...

    Completed   Mature
  • Master Please...... Hurt me Sweetly (BoyxBoy)
    6.6M 176K 42

    "But you can call me master my pretty little angel." Angel is only nineteen years old. He's studying law and is a really good writer. He doesn't drink or smoke. Angel not a really sexually guy... In fact he's still a virgin, but something really soon might change that. Mason, 25 years old, owns his own business and i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jonah Clarke Is Not Gay
    4.6M 201K 35

    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Daniel Evans is trying not to let his crush on Jonah Clarke get in the way of their new found friendship, because Jonah Clarke is definitely not gay. Placed third in the Valentine's Day Contest hosted by @taygetsthegay

  • Lab Partners
    7M 319K 38

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION When Elliot Goldman meets his sweet and charming new lab partner, Jordan Hughes, suddenly high school doesn't seem so bad. For the first time ever, Elliot can't wait to get to chemistry class... ***** Smart, good looking an...

  • Moving Forward
    901K 40.2K 48

    Just coming home from his time in Afghanistan, Royal Marine Max Waters is surprised to find his partner with another man. Now, forced to uproot himself, Max finds himself in a little town where there seems to be an abundance of wolves in the woods. Not to mention the gorgeous Kyle River - who's name seems more than a...

  • And I Kissed His Brother?! [boyxboy]
    4.3M 130K 17

    (Sequel to I Kissed A Boy) I'm supposed to be a normal teenager dealing with evil girlfriends, exams, basketball, and drugs, but nope. Rick Patterson makes it his duty in life to stalk me relentlessly, trying to get me to like him, but it won't work! I won't let it! (boyxboy) [Cover by: NattyKat]

    Completed   Mature
  • There's A Jock in My Bed! (BoyxBoy) [✓]
    10.6M 252K 29

    #1 & 3 in the "There's A..." series. #2 is on my profile. [Editing] He's popular, I'm a nobody. He's a senior, I'm a freshman. He goes to wild parties, I stay home all night. So how did he end up in my bed? Where will it go from here and how much will he pay to keep it all a secret? (Boyxboy) Cover by @LoveInsanity

  • His Master Vampire (boyxboy)
    5.3M 149K 26

    Icarus Crane is a fledgling vampire with a feisty, free spirited attitude. He lives with his sire, and leads a peaceful life with his new family. His sire always warned him to never get near a master vampire. They're dangerous and powerful and hold no emotions what so ever. Once you're taken and claimed, by a master v...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mute (BoyXBoy)
    729K 27.4K 26

    Leo has never had a friend. The closest he's ever gotten to one is his little sister, and mom. With a big move randomly tossed in his face and a new lifestyle he's forced to take part in, he's beginning to question if anyone is really worth sharing his feelings with. Mute has never had a friend. The closest he's ever...

  • What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know (Boyxboy)
    5.8M 215K 42

    Nathen Dawson is so in love with his girlfriend, Tracy. The two of them are as happy as any couple can be, and there is literally nothing that can get in the way of their love. least that's what Nathen thought. That's what he thought until someone who has been there for him his entire life starts to end up...

    Completed   Mature
  • All It Took Was One Look (BoyxBoy) {Book1: Blue Moon Series}[Sample](On Amazon!)
    29.8M 595K 60

    The last 10 chaps will be taken off from the book so it will be a really long sample lol. Find it on Amazon! =^.^= [WARNING there is BOYXBOY action in this story so if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Awesome cover by AEBauer! Aiden is your average seventeen year old senior with crazy best friends and a very suppor...

  • Cinderelliot
    3.9M 345K 90

    ⭐ The Fiction Awards 2017 winner ⭐ ❝He was my Prince Charming; I wasn't his Cinderella.❞ In this unsung version of Cinderella, Elliot Banks narrates a story of forbidden romances, out-of-the-world miracles, and unhappily ever afters. #1 in Short Story © 2016 Fury Evans [ cover by @blackhazex ]

  • Acceptance | ✓
    1.9M 101K 36

    Andrew, a twenty-six-year-old literature graduate, has been through more drama than many his age. From suffering obesity to arthritis, and then anorexia after drastic attempts to lose body fat, Andrew grows more conscious of his body. He shields himself from the rest of the world in a reserved cabin tucked away in a s...

  • A Chocolate Kiss (B×B) [Book 1 of the Tantalizing Love Series]
    1.5M 56.5K 26

    Honestly, this book is my very first bxb book so it sucks. I suggest yall read my 2nd or 3rd one instead of the same series which are much more well liked loll. Trust me😂 "So Anthony, can you explain why is there a fly in my coffee?" I smirked internally as he squirmed under my hard gaze. "I'm s-sorry sir. I'll ge...

  • Holding Onto You (boyxboy)
    2.3M 87.1K 44

    "So you're blind?" "Yes" "Well just so you know, I'm hot." Hunter has been blind since he was two and has been home schooled all his life. He has grown into a very optimistic blind 17-year-old boy and hates violence for a very good reason. It's his final school year and he wants to go to the school his twin sister He...

  • Sweater Weather (Boy×Boy)
    15.9K 667 8

    Ryan Johnson never expected to move half way across the country, nor did he expect to find himself in a winter wonderland. But one thing he has learned in his crazy life is that anything if possible.. Like falling for a guy when you thought you were straight. Now that's crazy...or is it? Conner Miller has always been...

  • I think I'm Gay. |Boy×Boy|
    19.8K 546 5

    When they were younger, Rory and Dakota were the best of friends, but all that changed the day Dakota kissed Rory. Two years without contact with each other is how long it took for Rory to realize something he likes Dakota.

  • Maybe Gay (Boy×Boy)
    64.9K 1.4K 15

    Jacob is the popular, flirtatious star quarter back. Casper is a shy, quiet artist. As unlikely these two are, they been best friends since birth. They know everything about each other. How can this friendship last when Casper isn't telling Jacob his biggest secret?

  • What The Alpha Says...Goes (boyxboy) Bk 1
    6.8M 205K 29

    How can you love someone you fear? Laken is a werewolf; the runt of the pack. What happens when the Alpha starts taking an interest in him? Rule number one of the wolf pack; Never disobey your Alpha. Cover design by: hgames113

  • The Night Class (BoyxBoy) (TeacherxStudent)
    90.6K 2.2K 8

    As much as he hates to admit it, Jonah Hancock's not very good at history, and it's apparent with a quick glance at his grades. His lack of interest has landed him into The Evening Program, where he'll be required to attend classes held at night that are aimed to boost his grades and get him on the path of success. Th...

  • Bromance (BoyxBoy)
    332K 10.8K 27

    Oh what a blast middle school was! Not. Jaylin Bales, also known for being Stalin's younger brother, but the difference between him and his Party animal of an older brother is that, Jay is just all around Average. You name it, Face, Height, Grades, etc. And coming in as a Freshmen next to his Senior brother, things ar...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Call Me Teacher's Pet! (bxb)
    318K 12K 22

    While leaving his friend's apartment at night, Jesse sees a gorgeous man getting kicked out of a woman's apartment in nothing but his underwear! Jesse leaves that night thinking of him as nothing but playboy scum but what'll happen when he finds out that man's his new English teacher?

  • Broken Hope (boyxboy)
    14.7M 580K 60

    Keegan is a boy who loves affection. He's usually quite peppy and excitable, but everything in life has turned against him. He ends up locking away his emotions and making himself distant from the world, trying to avoid further suffering. He's left a shell of his former self, struggling to get through life. He decides...

  • I've Fallen For A Sex God (BOYxBOY)
    5.2M 120K 27

    Dustin has been madly in love and lust with the school's football captain. But Memphis has never noticed him before... or has he? Aisling jumps into Dustin's life and suddenly the two coolest guys, including Memphis, are hanging around him. What happens now? Can Memphis hear Dustin's heartbeat? And why wont the most g...

  • Smothered (bxb)
    214K 10.1K 40

    *COMPLETED* Rain, an introverted, bookworm with handsome features and a bad temper, moves to LA from a quiet, small town and the transition couldn't be more difficult. Lonely with no friends, he's tried to talk to people but nothing seems to be working until he meets a tall, mysterious artist sitting alone under a tre...