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  • wada raha
    375 102 4

    tejaswii who lives with her dadu and nanu in Goa comes her cousine home after completing her education where she almost bought up for 5 years and finds her sister was getting married against her will and promises her to get married to her sister love interest.

  • Short Story Collection In Raglak
    1.9K 140 11

    Collection of all my Ts in Raglak

  • Ek tere bajon koi bhi nahi mera...
    381 34 1

    ' I can't believe this you trapped me' say Laksh with anger in his voice .. ' I didn't trap you Laksh . I love you and marrying the one you love isn't a crime' reply Ragini with pale face but hope in eyes that maybe he'll understand her love for him .. ' oh yeah you're so called love which ruin my life . wow ragini...

  • Tum mere ho(raglak)
    2.7K 333 8

    Story of two best frnds. Both fall for same girl ragini. But she loves only one. Who's he? Wat abt other frnd? Just read to know

    1.6K 231 4

    When you made to choose between two very important persons of your life, do you think life will be easy?

  • I found my soulmate
    5.8K 613 7

    its an raglak second marriage life story...laksh who is very innocent married jaya but she betrayed him nd broke his heart , to bring him back his parents brought ragini into his life , will she succeed in made him fall on her ? will ragini fall for him ? ragini also divorce wt is her past ? this gonna share this stor...

  • Into The Jungle
    786 114 2

    Raglak os inspired from Hollywood movie Jumanji.. peep inside to know further...😁😁😁

  • Blinded By You
    15K 1.1K 8

    This story is inspired by real swaragini but with some major twists in it. It's a few shots. Peep in to know more

  • Sacrifice - OS
    1.2K 110 1

    To know the story....peep in 😜😜😜

  • Desperate Times 2
    694 86 1

    ❤RagLak❤ There's a saying... When you can't beat them, join them. But Sanskar disagrees. He believes when you can't beat them, don't stop until you finally can. And he's sure he can make Laksh fall in love with Ragini although he says his heart belongs to Swara. Will his plans work out? Or will Ragini get in troubl...

  • Haq...
    8.7K 632 12

    Laksh saw ragini and marry her without asking her opinion on marriage..

  • bas haq hey mera(Completed)✔️
    12.4K 1K 13

    it's a college life of ragini and laksh😘

  • Secretly Yours...
    37.3K 3.9K 32

    He's the football team captain. She's the college topper. He's smart, naughty and caring. She's dumb, innocent and sweet. He's busy in his sport. She's busy in her world. He's her world. Probably the dumbest love story!

  • Ragini ki Kahaani
    2.8K 192 7

    This story will be starting from swaragini serial in my thoughts and like the way I want and also this story I got idea from all the story from sr track so thought to write it . And also this story is mainly about ragini . and also there will be lots of characters...... And mysterious to unfold and also this story wi...

  • I LOVE YOU... 😍 (completed)
    46.3K 3.9K 21

    Get inside to know it... 😂

  • True love
    2.9K 394 10

    pure love😍💕

  • junoon(a raglak os)✔️
    2.3K 196 2

    a raglak os....😋😍

  • My Raglak Edits
    413 47 2

    A compilation of RagLak edits..

  • Serial based OS ( Completed ) √
    7.2K 534 3

    Farmhouse and engagement track I liked to write on that track, already based on engagement I am writing ff which is successfully ongoing.... so thought to write on Farmhouse track..... Have a look....

  • Married couple - RagLak
    12.5K 1.8K 31

    Ever thought about the reality? What happens, when you agree on an arranged marriage to an unknown person? Two different individuals come together and become a married couple, but there is no love, respect or friendship as they are not close to each other. What did they expected? Why do they agree for an arrange marri...

  • His devoting Wife - RagLak (on Hold until Target)
    18.9K 2.5K 19

    A simple arrange marriage takes place under different circumstances. The husband is modern in his thinking, but it has nothing to say about his heart, which falls slowly for his wife. His wife is a traditional woman living in a village, she is shy and scared, but there is the strength of her Husband giving her new ene...

  • special day
    164 13 1

    Most special days of my life with memories of one year 😍😍

    946 65 1

    "LAKSH..!!" She screamed holding his muscular frame in her arms. "Why did you come in between??" She cries placing his head on her lap. "Rag..ini, i just wan..ted to say you.." he coughs when it was difficult for him to speak. "Lakshhh..!! Nothing will happen to you, i am there na." Ragini mumbled wiping her tears try...

  • Whispers in night
    11.7K 855 5

    raglak ts in sr track

  • My Devil
    12.2K 635 15

    The story revolves around 2 persons... our hero who is a devil and our heroin who is sweet and shy... what'll happen when the devil fell in love with the heroin ?

    Completed   Mature
  • Abnormal love story 😍 season 2 😉
    10.9K 1.1K 11

    Its my raglak ff ... abnormal love story season 2 for fans req 😍😘 ...

  • The twisty love of RagLak
    580 58 1

    The most twisty love story on RagLak. Every character, every scene another surprise.

  • First love
    1.8K 207 3


  • Found My True Love Beetween The Mess
    1.7K 114 1

    raglak os but mainly on laksh

  • Seekha Maine Jeena Mere Hamdum
    1.2K 59 1

    birthday os