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  • Depressing One-Shot [Shadouge]
    789 35 3

    Content warning: Themes of -Suicide -Suicidal ideation -Self-injurious behavior [not self-harm] -Alcohol abuse -Body Horror These are the reasons why the story has been tagged as Mature. Please do not continue if these themes bother you. If you're struggling with suicidal thoughts, this book probably won't be good for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living Hell 2
    1.1K 33 2

    Sequel to Living Hell; Mephiles cames back and all he wants is revenge. Can Shadow and Rouge get out alive or will the story end badly? Find out in "Living Hell 2" I do NOT own the picture on the cover. The Sonic characters belong to SEGA. Warning: slow updates (you can thank school for that)

  • The life of two brothers
    1.5K 53 3

    Shadow and Sonic are brothers. They do everything together and would never leave the others side but one day their village gets attacked and Sonic and Shadow get separated. Since that day Sonic has never seen his brother again. If you want to know what happens please continue reading and vote if you like it. Importan...

  • Shadouge: Baby
    4.8K 77 7

    This story is based on the Story "Sonamy Boom: Baby". So basically it will be the same story but focosed on the sight of Shadow and Rouge. The cover is made by me and I hope you like this story. All Sonic Characters belong to SEGA except my OC's.

  • howling at the moon (a Shadouge story)
    1.5K 48 6

    The Sonic characters are wolfs in this story. Shadow's family was hunting with his pack as everything began. They almost got their prey as gun shots were heard and Shadow's mother fell motionless to the ground and the hunting began. Shadow was the only one of his pack who had survived the attack and was now a lonely...

  • Dangerous love [discontinued for now]
    1.9K 75 9

    This story took place during the middle age. Shadow's a prince and loves to have adventures and is a great fighter. As the kingdom was attacked one day, his parents forced him to flee because the attacker wants the death of the royal family. Before the kingdom was attacked he rescued Rouge, a beautiful young bat durin...

  • IN THE LIGHT OF THE MOON [discontinued for now]
    1.9K 76 12

    A sequel to poisonous mission. What happened to Shadow? Will Shadow and Rouge ever come together? Will the evil win this time? Find out in "In the light of the moon"

    2.8K 114 13

    A Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfiction. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Join Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat on a mission and the dangers that awaits them. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ P.S. It's my first Fanfiction so please be nice and if there are any mistakes I'm sorry. I'm from Austria, which means there will be many grammar mi...

  • Living Hell
    12.3K 303 13

    This is my first fanfiction. Shadow the Hedgehog is 16 years old and get tortured by his father and bullied at school. One day he meet the new student, Rouge the Bat. Can she help him to get out of this living hell. Read if you want to find out. I don't own any Sonic characters, they belong to SEGA.

  • Life Of The Tortured
    2.9K 67 15

    In the outskirts of Station Square, an ebony hedgehog by the name Shadow, lives a life not many can understand. A friend of his named Rouge the Bat will try anything to comfort the poor hedgehog. Can the hedgehog deal with all the memories that taunt him? Will he live the life of the tortured? Find out!

  • Stained Heart (Book Two)
    3.1K 161 17

    ~Note: If you haven't read the first book ("Stained Lungs") in the series, you may want to, otherwise you could get lost! Some people move on with their lives. Why can't I be one of those people? I keep thinking of what could have been; marriage, kids, a future with him. I still remember the bittersweet taste of nicot...

  • Stained Lungs (A Shadouge Story)
    8.5K 317 31

    He doesn't make good grades, mother would never approve of that. He drives a motorcycle, father would never approve of that. He hangs out with a stoner, my friends would never approve of that. And he smokes cigarettes, nobody would approve of that. He's so, unpredictable. There's no reason to admire him, he's a bad in...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Legend of Lancelot
    807 18 2

    As an infant, Lancelot is adopted by Nimue, The Lady of The Lake, who teaches him the morals of a true knight. The Legend of Lancelot gives a deeper look into Lancelot's past, giving us the story behind the most feared and powerful knight of the round table.