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  • Tied up [DISCONTINUED]
    1.9K 26 7

    Shadow got kidnapped and finds himself completely defendless against everything that's waiting for him in place he doesn't know, by people he doesn't know. What's going to happen to him? whatever it is.. it's not gonna be nice at all.

    Completed   Mature
  • The tale of a little Shadow
    692 46 3

    Sonic finds a baby in a car crash and takes the kid with him. At this moment the blue hedgehog isn't aware that he'll have to fight for his kids safety in the future.

  • Alien Problem
    135 13 2

    It's late August. The green, summer leaves are turning a rich orange and red. The days are cold, the fall breeze pushing through. And during this time, a certain problem occurs. A problem that Sonic and his friends have to deal with and fight off. After a recent change with someone's behavior and form, the heroes face...

  • Part Of Me
    156 11 2

    Shadow, Rouge, and Omega destroyed all of the clones of Mephiles the Dark and yet not him. One night, Shadow becomes enraged at the thought of the demon still loose on the streets. When he confronts Mephiles again, it didn't go as planned. Find out what happens in Part Of Me

  • ¥the zoo¥
    665 16 5

    The zoo

  • Fur, Fangs and Claws (Sonic Fanfic)
    692 40 2

    Sonic and Shadow have a secret. Every Halloween, that secret is in danger of being exposed but thanks to Tails, the only other person who knows, the truth remains hidden. This year however, Halloween is lit by a full moon. And now Knuckles is doing some digging where he shouldn't. The challenge to conceal and control...

  • Kings of Evil
    6.3K 212 16

    Mephiles and Scourge have done what none other could do- kill Sonic and take over Mobius. With all of Sonic's friends in hiding they now have power to do whatever they wish. That is, until Shadow the Hedgehog shows up to them one day asking to be let in.

  • Project X
    706 59 4

    This is a Shadow the hedgehog fan story!

  • Shattered Memories
    1.3K 43 6

    Someone wants Shadow dead. Or at least for his mind to be 'reset'. Shadow was returning home late from staying late at work, only to be attacked by a rogue robot. Shadow managed to get away, but he was severely injured. The person who wanted him dead found him again, causing him even more pain. Just as Shadow thought...

  • Shadow: Awakening II
    987 34 9

    Hi! This is a continuation of Shadow: Awakening. This fanfiction follows Shadow after he wakes up from stasis and explores the gaps in the storyline of Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog, including branching into the Archie Comics a bit. If you have not read the first part of Shadow: Awakening, I suggest you re...

  • Shadow: Awakening
    3.8K 208 15

    This fan fiction will go into detail about Shadow's complicated past, and will start with his creation on the ARK. Shadow is battling memories, mind-control, and struggling to find his true identity. Is he a Hero? A Villain? A Mercenary who cares for nothing but self gain? Or will he withhold nothing in his quest for...

  • Ultimate Life Forms
    16K 758 17

    Sonic is captured by Eggman with the help of Shadow, but once Eggman reveals his evil plans, Sonic's true past is revealed. Shadow is shocked to find out that not only was Sonic was created aboard the ARK as well, he was made specifically to be his brother.

    Completed   Mature
  • Shadow Unleashed: Secrets of the Moon
    506 18 3

    Shadow Unleashed: Secrets of the Moon is the sequel to Sonic Unleashed. Shadow and Sonic the Hedgehogs have been turned into Werehogs by the evil Dark Gaia, who has once again returned to break the world apart and consume it into complete darkness. With the help of Chip the Light Gaia, and a mysterious blue wolf named...

  • It's a Baby!!!
    7.9K 308 6

    Oh my a baby is lost in the woods! Silver finds him so him and Sonic decide to keep, was a good decision.

  • Shadow: The Origin Of A Legend
    9.3K 798 73

    Lies. Deceit. Sadness. Woe. Death. Treachery. Friends. Foes. The Horrible Truth. And a Prophecy About a Young Boy Destined to Have All the Power in the Universe... _ _ _ Warnings: Gore, traumatic incidents, sadistic behavior, small amounts of swearing and infrequent updating.

  • The Difficult Task of Raising a Weapon
    3.3K 87 16

    Shadow the Hedgehog is a young creation who has lived with his friend Maria aboard the Space Colony ARK for as long as he's been alive. No one on the ARK expects everything to go wrong in an instant, but a G.U.N. attack on the ARK causes just that to occur. Shadow is blasted down to the planet by Maria, her last wish...