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  • Mirage
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    "I dare you to..." Armelle looked around the restaurant and then pointed at a random hoodie guy sitting on the corner table," Kiss him." I shrugged and got up from my chair. That was such an easy dare. On reaching his table, I tugged the guy's hood off his face and leaned in. He seemed startled by my sudden movement a...

  • A Rough Turn (1st Book)
    2K 377 53

    1st book in the series. (Also, my 1st book on wattpad♡) ################ Sarah had always wondered about her family. Her Mom, a really nervous woman. Elder sis, who is as busy as a bee all the time. Younger sis, who was absolutely innocent and sweet. And finally, her Dad, who was an innocent person in the day and a ho...

  • NEITH [Completed]
    68.8K 6.4K 63

    COMPLETED ON: Jan 10 2018. HIGHEST RANK: #1 on 26-07-18 #2 on 21-07-18 #3 on 26-05-17 AWARDS: Genre winner of Car Awards 2017 Second place in Story teller Award 2017 **************** Neith is a story based in ancient Egypt. The lead is a female character named Neith who is a fierce and strong...

  • Mates (ON HOLD)
    93.2K 6K 58

    If Matches Michealson had a nickel for every time he'd been called a runt, been excluded, shamed, he'd have a pretty solid bank account. He could buy his way through a life that didn't include his packs reign over him, repressive and unkind. But what could the guy expect? He was the runt of a rogue family, barely hang...

  • Our Happily Ever After
    24.4K 1.6K 14

    "But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows while you know not." Just saying Allah knows best and believing over it with full faith are two different things. This story is a simple journey of a simple desi girl who saw how not everytime wha...

  • His Undesirable Wife
    1M 40K 40

    **WATTYS 2018 SHORTLIST** (COMPLETED) Lady Saya Bradford, A beautiful, eighteen year old girl with the kindest disposition one could imagine in a person of noble blood- except she wasn't a noble by birth. Adopted by the great Lord Bradford at the age of five, from the exotic land of 'Hindustan', she was every bit as u...

  • Crooked Smile (WINNER of the MJFA'S 2017)
    63.4K 3.5K 22

    WINNER of the Michael Jackson Fanfiction Awards 2017: Best Jackson5/ Jacksons through 'Off The Wall' era 16-year-old Marilyn suffers from bullying in school. Her life is dark and dreary, until one day she meets a young man - accidentally - never has the word been more fitting. He's from an entirely different world, a...

  • The Posterity
    2.6K 223 15

    Highest rank- #14 in Science Fiction!! Winner of The Golden Key Awards.. Mira Vij is a normal girl. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to her. A year in Russia and she already considers it as her home. So what happens when the most extraordinary thing happens to the most ordinary girl? How will she manage...

  • Aquiver
    4.5K 260 13

    Mira is the girl who best meets the description of normal. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to her. In New York City as a part of an internship in the Columbia University, she certainly feels much out of place and longs to return to her homeland, India. .......................... But what happens when a s...