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  • Through Time & Space | Mahabharata
    14.8K 553 12

    In which, a twenty-two-year old girl, Thrishika Yadav finds herself in the middle of a brewing war as Draupadi herself, after dying in a tragic accident before her time due to a small mistake on Yama Dharma's part. Follow Thrishika as she revolves around the world where Dharma and Adharama are at a constant battle, a...

  • A Unique Love Story ✓
    98.5K 4.7K 33

    We know that opposites attract according to Physics but will it apply for humans? The answer is yes. Because here, if Shivaay is an espresso, then Annika is a creamy cup of latte. If Shivaay is a gusty wind, then Annika is a breath of fresh air. Yet, they fell in love inspite of their different behaviours. However, g...

  • You Are The Reason I Live ✔
    215K 8.7K 41

    It is the story of three brothers who share an unbreakable bond, irrespective of there family issues.They live for each other with a motto of 'one for all,all for one'. But is their happiness short lived?Will the difficult issues break there bond?Will their love life break it or help them reconcile it?To know that U...