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  • gif porn ❁
    5.2M 15.7K 142

    a book full of fun gifs 💕 highest rank: #5 in random. (january 9th, 2017)

  • A Good Girl's Guide To Dating
    5.6M 2.6K 3

    He's fun, alluring and has great taste in music. He's perfect. There's only one problem...he sleeps with other women for a living. The daughter of a wealthy, black pastor meets a charming stranger. Their chance encounter hurtles them down a path that blurs the lines between convention and transgression, bliss and bet...

  • Dear White People
    105K 6.1K 20

    A book to white people who don't understand us, and looks at us diffrently.

  • Black Girl Problems
    222K 15.2K 92

    Problems that a black girl faces everyday...

  • • michael jackson memes •
    220K 18K 174

    If you wanna laugh ... Then maybe this book is for you. (Maybe) It's meant to be funny. Don't blame me if you don't even crack a smile. It just means you're dead inside. [I guarantee you this is hilarious as hell. I dare you to not grin, smile, or even laugh while reading this book. I dare you.] Whale, enjoy. ||Publis...

  • Wicked: All Grown up (#Watty's2017)
    76.2K 4K 75

    Angel and king's story are over but their children's story is just beginning. Micah and armani are all grown up and their about to find out how wicked life can be

    Completed   Mature