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  • Sorry, Late Reply (EPISTOLARY)
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    SORRY, LATE REPLY [COMPLETED] I must always focus on my studies. That's my goal in my life but here you are! Giving me signals, should I believe it and let myself be drowned? Or I should stand strong with my goal? P.s. Book cover background is not mine. Just got it from pinterest. Credits to the rightful owner. Highe...

  • Love Potion
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    - - - MAGIC SERIES # 1 - - - - - Belinda went to the woods to search for the witch in their town who can make a love potion, the thing she needs the most.

  • rêveries (an epistolary) || ✔️
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    rêveries : "wild speech, delirium" : "to roam, speak wildly." : also the source of English rave, as in raving mad source: •.•.•.•.• one || friends Chinna is very feisty. She loves her office job and coffee more than anything else. By day, she's an editor. She spends her leisure by binging shows and mov...

  • Breaking The Last Rule | Completed
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    Do not fall in love. That is the last rule in their agreement --- Nelly and an exchange student, Cyrus, that is more likely next to impossible for they are fond of annoying each other. Not until when the guy saved her from getting bruises from her ex-boyfriend, everything had changed. Neither did they just become frie...

  • The Fall of Icarus
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    Cupid shot two arrows. One was accidental. The other was intentional. Due to his immaturity, two angels by the name of Icarus and Cala suffered the curse of mortality. Both were bound to live and suffer and die as humans, all while looking for each other in this big world, to go through the five stages of connection...