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  • To Be a Hero (Boku no Hero Academia x Reader)
    432K 15.9K 42

    |BNHA x reader| Slight Pokemon x BNHA crossover| In a world filled with super-powered people, where the phenomenon of quirks has staged the world, It's no surprise you got one yourself, but a rather odd one. A quirk that allows you to meet creatures of different sizes and shapes, powers of elements to even darkness...

  • dimension |kimetsu no yaiba x reader|
    60.6K 3.1K 9

    BNHA & KnY crossover ㅡ It was all a blur. You remembered that you were fighting off the evil forces of the League of Villains, but the next thing you knew, you were in a place wherein Demons and Demon Slayers exist. Titles that were equivalent to heroes and villains back in your world. How would you get back to your w...

  • The Ghoul Assassin (Assassination Classroom/ Tokyo Ghoul Cross over)
    24.5K 841 12

    Shi was just a normal old ghoul, one of the last few that were still alive. She wanted to be a normal old kid, blend in like she was told so the doves don't notice her. How will she react when she finds out that she is supposed to kill her teacher? How will her classmates react when they find out that she is a ghoul...