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  • Naughty List; j.jk
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    a little way back then, where technology isnt much a thing.

  • 2부분 - m.y.g
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    +Part two of 'BTS ✉️ TEXT' ✏️56 Credit to _trashmooooo_ +Book?

    Completed   Mature
  • Affair of the heart | JJK
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    You're Aphrodite, the demigod of romance and attraction. Besides the theories going around, no one knew your exact position, besides a female version of cupid. There was not much of a difference, besides you had to prove that love exists in the world, for the people who didn't. Jeon Jungkook, was your current target...

  • Boy Meets Evil
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    16th September; Day of the breakout. Monsters invaded the planet and killed more than one and half billion people. During the last ten years scientists discovered a new gene in the human body that allows one to use the most vigorous powers the earth provides. Only a few are able to develop those abilities. The govern...

  • Her Innocence
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    Kim Namjoon never lived up the basic Vampire cliche he had no friends and most definately didn't get the girl in the end actually he never even found the girl who he could call his. Namjoon has spent decades trying to get close enough to someone to be able to befriend but it never happend they would all run away screa...

  • yo, still alive?
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    you and bangtan are given a second chance but will it be easy? [alternative ending to yo, in danger 2 by @_trashmooooo_]

  • Just the two of us
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    A one shot based off of an Imagine I read

  • Seeing Through Another Screen
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    V-Live: The app everyone uses to see there favorite idols. It is meant especially for international fans as they are farther away from the kpop idols. However there is one secret that no one knows about this special app. And Jewel, 16 year old high school girl, is about to find out.