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    HURTFUL HEARTS is a story of two different ppl (Maan and Geet) and their Son (Avinash aka Avi)...Two ppl with different thinking ...who get married for their own reasons....Maan being forced to marry for his family's sake and Geet marries for Avi...This is a journey of two ppl... how will they fall for each other...W...

  • Against All The Odds! (On Hold)
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    #4 in Short Story. (28/02/18) Anyone missed Ammu? I did, so thought of bringing her back for a small period of time. A story of Swara and Sanskar breaking the barrier of every odd! An impossible love story of them. _________________ Against All The Odds! Two unknown persons, a sudden meet, life changing events, fallin...

  • Be mine {Completed}✔
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    Stay in your limits. Don't think that I don't know anything. I cannot forget what you and your mother did to me and with my sister. Be there where you are." He said and I held the wall to stop myself from falling. "One more thing,never again do it. Never touch my things again."He said and a tear escaped from my eyes t...

  • HIS
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    A story about a girl and a boy who were tied in a marriage at the age when they didn't know the meaning of this word. Their parents tied them in a knot when He was 6 years old and she was 4. When there was a relation then there would be a knock on heart and There would be of love spark in their hearts for each other. ...

  • SwaSan OneShot Series
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    There is few shots on my beloved couple SwaSan 💞

  • Naughty Billo (SwaSan ff) Season 2
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    The story of a doctor and a nursing student. both are totally different from each other and when they will be together what will happen???? swara is cute naughty while sanskar is serious and dedicated towards his work. To know their story peep inside.

  • The Fiction Awards 2017
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    The Fiction Awards are back! All writers. All languages. Bigger and better than before. Let the competition begin.

  • My betterhalf(swasan ff)[Completed]
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    #99 in fanfictions on 24/08/2017 #97 in fanfictions on 18/08/2017 the story is all about the trust of husband wife on each other.They support each other even when everyone is against them.Their love for each other can't be described in words.

  • SwaSan's OS
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    #71 in Short story 23/09/2017 (afternoon) #74 in Short story 23/09/2017 #80 in Short story 22/09/2017 #113 in Short story 22/09/2017 #279 in Short story Hey guyz... am new hear it's my first effort to you... hope you guyz like my work.. now story time.. story was full of Surprise...

  • You Are The Only Reason Of My Smile - Swasan OS (Completed ✔)
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    Hey guys this a completely different story from the swaragini track that popped in my mind. It's my first attempt to write something so kindly forgive me for any mistakes. It's a story of Swara and Sanskar. Where sanskar is studying only because he has to, on the other hand swara is a topper who studies with all...

    Completed   Mature
  • SwaSan Short Stories by Mars
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    #16 in short stories on 14/08/2017 here u can get short stories on swasan which include one shots and few shots. all are based on different concept and showing love of swasan.

  • Swasan One Shots
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    Collection of one shot story....... so welcome....... #261 in fanfiction (16/02/2018) #278 in fanfiction (11/10/2017) # 353 on fanfiction (5/10/2017)

  • A New Bonding(swasan)
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    This story is abt love and trust...sanskar failed to keep the trust in Thr relation...nd this story says abt how Thr life changed after it effect the both...