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    Here to bless the soul-

  • Master Please...... Hurt me Sweetly (BoyxBoy)
    7.2M 192K 42

    "But you can call me master my pretty little angel." Angel is only nineteen years old. He's studying law and is a really good writer. He doesn't drink or smoke. Angel not a really sexually guy... In fact he's still a virgin, but something really soon might change that. Mason, 25 years old, owns his own business and i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Irresistible. boyxboy
    3.1M 64.2K 27

    This is the original Irresistible I will be writing a new one, with more detail, etc. If you'd like to read both you can.

  • And I Kissed His Brother?! [boyxboy]
    4.7M 141K 17

    (Sequel to I Kissed A Boy) I'm supposed to be a normal teenager dealing with evil girlfriends, exams, basketball, and drugs, but nope. Rick Patterson makes it his duty in life to stalk me relentlessly, trying to get me to like him, but it won't work! I won't let it! (boyxboy) [Cover by: NattyKat]

    Completed   Mature
  • Cell Mates (boyxboy) (Book 1: Behind Bars)
    8M 224K 51

    Arrested for a crime he didn't commit, eighteen year old Riley Parker is thrown into a maximum security prison to carry out his sentence. He expected a cold hard life, filled with danger and uncertainty, what he didn't expect was his cell mate Nathaniel Grayson; he was gorgeous and more than a little frightening but...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stop Bullying Me! [boyxboy]
    3.6M 108K 16

    (Book 4) ] I must be a really sick person to fall in love with Nick Cooper, the guy who's been bullying me since middle school. But who wouldn't fall in love with Nick Cooper? Tall, dark, and handsome? Popular and strong? There's just one problem... The reason Nick Cooper bullies me.

    Completed   Mature
  • All It Took Was One Look (BoyxBoy) {Book1: Blue Moon Series}[Sample](On Amazon!)
    30.3M 612K 60

    The last 10 chaps will be taken off from the book so it will be a really long sample lol. Find it on Amazon! =^.^= [WARNING there is BOYXBOY action in this story so if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Awesome cover by AEBauer! Aiden is your average seventeen year old senior with crazy best friends and a very suppor...

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  • The Best Of Comebacks
    48.6M 1.7M 258

    ❝A book for comebacks.❞ WARNING// If easily offended please do not read this book as you might be upset by some of the content.

  • My Mother's Boss (BoyxBoy) [Polyamory]
    2.3M 86K 34

    It started with an assignement for school. Shadow a parent for a month. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Levy Newark just wanted the month to be over when the assignment started. He wasn't fond of the idea to shadow his mom at a clothing design company. Until he met the CEO Jeremiah Cole. He felt an instant connect...

  • The Encounter BXM
    825K 15.7K 45

    "I... Uh..." He put his finer up to my lips to stop me from talking. "Sh..." He hushed softly. His hard body connected mine, making him sigh in deep pure pleasure. I gulped. "I will take care of this for you....." He heatedly whispered into my ear. Arron Massad was the man of every girl's dream. Rich, protective...

    272K 10.2K 75

    BOYxBOY Who am I is a story about a young thug banker named JB coming to grips with terms that he is gay. He is confused about wither he likes men or woman and goes through a lot of betrayal with his finance. Losing all he had but found true love with his neighbor's cousin Bentley. At the end of it all he finally foun...

    Completed   Mature
  • Quan Quan ☺
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  • Confessions Of A Drug Dealer Husband
    390K 9.7K 49

    This Is An Unexpected Love Story With Lies, Lust And Tragedy Love Is Love Deal With It The 3 Part Story So Hope Your Ready

  • - Accidental.
    219K 8K 37

    theres a boy who has everyone attracted but for some reason they make him seem as unapproachable. but when one young man states that he's gunna go after this particular boy they slowly but eventually fall in love ACCIDENTALLY.

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Me and You
    147K 4.4K 22

    Micah was a boy who never really knew what love looked like or felt like. He was living 7 years of his life behind a great wall. All the trials nd tribulations he fought he looked love dead in the face. knowing this is what he was looking for his whole life he wasn't scared. This "Love" he found was proud, strong, pro...

    Completed   Mature
  • L O W D O W N
    62.1K 3.2K 30

    Read Lowkey to understand! A BUNCH MORE DRAMA IN THIS SEQUEL BOOK!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Secret Life Of A Football Player™
    249K 7.1K 30

    Erick James Perry is living the good life. He has a gorgeous condo in always-flavorful Atlanta, plenty of frequent-flier miles from jet-setting around the country on a whim, and an MBA-but he's never had to work a regular job. He owes it all to his high school sweetheart, Calvin Johnson the rich and famous NFL star. T...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nothing Even Matters (BoyxBoy)
    131K 3.7K 13

    Tony is 17 and from New Orleans. He is openly gay and is not in a rush to be in a relationship. He learned that alot of the boys that try to talk to isnt with him intellectually and is only trying to get in his pants. So what happens when he find someone who can change what he thinks Nasir is 18, from the east of New...

  • Truthfully Me... (BoyxBoy)
    77.5K 2.1K 21

    Just read it. It's not your normal BoyxBoy Thug/Urban book ;)

  • Calvin And Erick Johnson™ [EDITING]
    84.4K 2.6K 21

    The Long Awaited Sequel to "The Secret Life Of A Football Player" Full of Scandals..... Surprises..... Sex and More ! Who Knows some old Characters might even Pop up again. What happens after Calvin and Erick's big day as they raise Calvin's son?? Will Catherine try to destroy them? Read to find out.... All Rights...

  • L O W K E Y
    135K 6.1K 31

    A boy named Tre falls for a guy named Drake. Drake isn't out there but a eventually he would like to be. They have there obstacles in there relationship. Drake has a comittment issue and it's very bad.He can't control himself for nothing.The two will have there ups and down and bitches and niggas in there way. Drama w...

  • Love Who You WANT: Book 1 (BxB) {COMPLETED}
    192K 5.6K 34

    [WARNING!: This is a boyxboy story, if your a homophobic this book is not for you!] Anthony Benton is a 18 year old boy about to graduate high school. Anthony is openly gay and doesn't give a fuck about what anybody thinks about the gender he likes. Terius Tyson is also as 18 year old boy about to graduate. He's the b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby Daddy :) Wait... Mommy...? (BxB) [COMPLETED]
    1.4M 52.7K 32

    Lucca is a boy who attends a private California boarding school. He is a regular quiet tenth grader who does his homework and regularly studies for upcoming exams and quizzes. During the beginning of the school year his 'friend' Jason admits he likes Lucca. Lucca who has longed for love sleeps with him, thinking he's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teach me sir? (BxB)
    246K 6.7K 18

    When sexy hot teacher, Mr. Griffin comes to teach; Kris is incredibly intrigued and secretly wants him. After some confusion at the YMCA (as well as a snogging session) they're together. But whats a story without some drama added into this mix hmm? It's quite a scandal isn't it? A gay student dating his gay teacher. T...

  • FINIS (boyxboy)
    559K 28.9K 31

    To be unique is a rare gift. One that can be appreciated by some and disdained by others. But to know that you alone can control fate, can cause even the strongest to fall to their knees.

    Completed   Mature
  • Libidinous Friend (BxB)
    557K 19.7K 42

    Christian, is a timid teen struggling with self acceptance of his sexuality. Always the butt of his Older brother's homophobic remarks, Christian kept quiet and never would stand for himself. Not so much of an social butterfly, Christian was always attractive to his tyrant brother's best friend Tyrese. Secretly admiri...

    Completed   Mature