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  • A Witch's love
    2.4K 361 27

    A witch (Sarah Elizabeth) meets a new student at her school. His name is Augustus Baron, the thing is he's a ghost. Sarah starts learning more and more about Augustus, but Sarahs friends think augustus is no good for her. Sarah doesn't believe her friends but she is definately falling for Augustus. Sarah starts doing...

  • A Life Change
    179 66 6

    My name is kyra. Im a orphan. All of my foster parents hate me. They pass me off to others like I mean nothing to them. Like im not important or like im not human.Maybe I am nothing. In this book kyra tries to figure out who her real parents are and why she is a orphan, but kyra is also revealing who she is in life...

  • Ruthless
    1.3K 72 37

    Megan is a girl who's in need of rough wild sex..She was wild untill she met Luke...a rich billion year..

  • Only in the Bronx
    108 78 5

    The Bronx is a city like no other. Buildings painted and ruined with graffiti, people scared to come out of their own homes because of the crimes going on outside. A place where you always wanted to be the man, but being the man might even be your demise. One always wanted to be the man of its crew. But the day I wa...

  • Sound Waves
    285 104 5

    Imagine you're life turn upside down in a matter of minutes . Imagine yourself doing things with your mind, hearing things? Even try to imagine that you're parents were keeping secrets from you from you're entire life . Skylar surely never even tried to imagine anything close to that possibility. But when her sixteen...

  • Scarred Soul Quotes
    319K 32.1K 127

    [28/04/2017 : #15] [23/05/2018 : #1 in lifequotes] ______________________________ Just a try to bring life to my passion for quotes and short stories! I guarantee you all will love it, so please show your appreciation by voting and commenting for any suggestions or improvements needed!❤ PS : neither directed or dedic...

  • The Bad Boys Deception
    415 140 4

    Its been a long and miserable Summer for Roseline Starr It all began with the untimely death of her beloved brother Liam and ended with her police officer of a father arresting East Wood Highs very own bad boy and sexiest boy on campus, Isaac Mathews, for carrying a bag of cocaine and sending him straight to Juvenile...

  • When Everything Changes
    730 192 16

    The summer after high school is supposed to be wild and fun and memorable. But I guess for some that isn't always true This is the story of a family trying not to fall a part. This is the story of a girl who loves her best friends and trying not to let that love suffocate her. This is the story of what happens When...

  • A Quarter Mile Away
    9.9M 398K 53

    Ranked #01 for Teen Fiction X4 *A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY!* WHS Story of the Month Winner: Teen Fiction The Fiction Awards Winner 2017; Best Overall Story Best Of The Beginners ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He turned slightly in his chair to face me "I'll be honest, it was a date but ended terribly." "Why did it end ter...

  • Savagery
    5.2K 468 15

    Just trying to take care of her son, she didn't expect for her mate to come crashing into her life. Hiding her frail heart from his eyes, is this male capable of peeling back the layers of both her heart and past?

  • The Little Girl and the Rabbit
    1.8K 909 10

    About Destine Destine, is a little girl that can never hate, she brings, love, happiness, joy, and peace everywhere she goes. She comes out of a mirror and her first friend was a white rabbit, Destine was adopted by a family who lost their kids nine years ago, they were happy to have her as their child, she was no ord...

  • The Dream to Cure Cancer
    52 28 1

    After the dream, then the cure for cancer.

  • My Safe Haven
    12K 4.7K 30

    #131 in Mystery/Thriller [28/8/17] IIWinner of The Fiction AwardsII A Girl . A Diary . A Secret & An Intruder "You!... What are you doing here !" We both yelled at the same time. When her school bus runs out of gas and stops near the ruins of an old town that diminished due to a forest fire. She didn't expect th...

  • ❤ Crossroads of Life ❤
    344K 13.9K 44

    #13 in Short Story as on 29th April 2017. Arjun Shergill , one of the well known businessman who lives a robotic life . He can do anything to safeguard his family . Navya Singh , a bubbly girl who wants to be Arjun's family . She won't stop at anything for making him her's ======================================= This...

  • If Only✔
    269K 11.9K 44

    "To be in love" she wondered. "Must be such a dangerous and wonderful adventure." ∞ The one and only Dylan Sparks and Paige Williams are irresistibly swept into an intoxicating passionate love that promises pain and excruciating pleasure. This story captures how life can be both beautiful and unfair, how life is...

    Completed   Mature
  • She gets the joke
    2.4K 604 26

    Two insane lunatics. One crazy love. Thanks to LizzyWhitAStory for making this cover :) Joker and Harley quinn Lovestory. This story contains SPOILERS. I try to update on Saturdays! Started 7th January 2017

  • graphics: rissa's portfolio
    1.2K 186 14

    a book in which i post my graphic entries and showcase some of my recent graphics. stalkers allowed ;) note: please don't request here, go to my thread: this cover is inspired by maytijssen

    4.6K 149 13

    Colette had never met anyone like Taylor. (girlxgirl)

  • Dare or Dare? | COMPLETED
    277K 10.6K 45

    "We said whoever eats the most pizza has to do the dare no matter how cruel or easy it is." This is just a glimpse of our sleepovers. Ivy and Autumn always drag me into some kind of trap to do their evil dares. Tonight, they used my worst weakness, food. Sighing, "fine. I'll take the dare." They cheered and high-five...

  • The prophecy of Eliza
    632 194 10

    Have you ever felt like to chase the inaccessible? Like when all you want is to be close to an eternal happiness but in the same time you are running away from it. That what happened to Elizabeth Lockwood when she learns about her destiny,and the prophecy of her fate. Eliz is a young witch, sweet as honey and...

  • The Mess That You Wanted
    6.4K 2.3K 65

    You before me. Always.

  • Not So Perfect
    1.3K 570 12

    Aurora Murray Rivera is a girl who lives the life of a normal pubescent seventeen year old. She deals with everyday problems: school, drama, boys. The life of a teenager is like a rollercoaster and there are a few bumps along the way that may seem like the end of the world, but nothing a hug or friends cannot fix. Eve...

  • Phronemophobia: A Journey Into My Mind
    2.3K 1K 19

    (SLOW UPDATES) Phronemophobia (FRO-NEE-MO-FOBIA): fear of thinking. "When thinking begins to destroy you, you begin to fear it." -l.m. Original quotes and very short stories describing the things we fear thinking about but must speak about. Tips and my own experiences to help you during times of anxious and depressed...

  • Find Me Lost in the Color
    6.3K 2.2K 41

    COMPLETE ✔️ *Christian Winner of the Undiscovered Writers Awards 2017!* Highest Ranking: #61 in Poetry (2/7/17) "Peace will win and fear will lose." We see wars on television and death all around due to it. But why doesn't anyone talk about the suffering and death from the war of anxiety and depression? This war has b...

  • Deference
    4.9K 2.1K 12

    Highest ranking #40 "..and the last person alive and healthy will be a success story." A sentence told for half a century and closely followed by all so that one day that one person who survives, who bears it all will be a success story for a hideous, treacherous yet most obeyed law in the country. Amelia Green has st...

  • Indiscernible
    746 192 9

    Waking up sweaty and scared from a nightmare is nothing compared to waking up into one. Alyssa Stone wakes up to find herself in a completely deserted place and is pretty much living her scariest nightmare of being alone. She has no clue of where she is from or how she got there. But then the strangest things begin to...

  • Heart's Desire | #WATTYS2017
    8.8K 1.3K 22

    Nobody knows what I go through. Wish you could put yourself inside my shoes. You got friends that ain't friends no more. They don't understand the life I chose. - August Alsina Tavena Taylor is a woman in her twenties, who has been dealt a tragic hand by life. August Als...

  • | A Fear In Love | ✔️ EDITING
    36.8K 2.7K 23

    "I've never fallen in love right off the bat. I get scared to say I love you too soon because it means so much. It means you're not seeing an end to things." ~ Leighton Meester ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allison Mckenzie isn't the type of girl to go out and par...

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