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  • The Artist
    124 8 5

    So Edgar Allen Poe had Annabel lee and wrote a short poem. Alesana wrote an album and a few hit songs. but where is the story? what inspired them? Here's where my imagination has lead me.

  • The Red Door
    524K 20.9K 28

    When Mollie starts to prefer the dreams she's having to the painful reality of life, she's forced to choose between embracing a fantasy or the man she loves. ***** Since she was seven, Mollie Cutright has known two truths: she loves Howard Flynn and...

  • Trapped ✔️
    5.1M 30K 3

    EXCERPT ONLY! They took her sanity. Now they are back to take her life. When Kelsey Miller was sixteen, she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by two men--neither of whom was ever brought to justice. Three years later, the past still haunts her and fear, pain, and anger have taken over her world. Trapped in a cycle of...

  • Colourless
    2.5M 123K 55

    At the age of eighteen, everyone's blood changes colour. Whether it becomes blue, green or otherwise, the colour is either hereditary or a random, biological selection. However, when Pearl Damocles discovers that her blood is colourless - in a society where people are segregated by blood colour -, she travels to an i...

  • Peter
    128K 5.5K 17

    Lucy has terrible parents. Mom smokes, Dad drinks, And neither of them care about Lucy at all. Eventually, Lucy runs away. Now she must face the biggest threat to her life alone and hopeless.

  • After Ever After
    31.8K 1K 8

    (Based off an alternate ending to Descendants 2) After Uma infiltrated the Royal Cotillion, she was defeated and captured. Months have passed since then, and in that time King Ben has passed a new proclamation which brought all villain kids to Auradon. Almost all villain kids have changed their ways, but Uma remains t...

  • Mal's Older Sister (CURRENTLY EDITING)
    218K 4.8K 11

    What if Mal has an older sister, named Malinda, that she left on the Isle. She is also friends with Uma, daughter of Ursula, Harry, son of Captain Hook, and Gil, son of Gaston. When Mal leaves the Isle what will her older sister do with her friends? Will something happen between Malinda and Harry?

  • Like It Never Happened *DISCONTINUED*
    24.5K 561 7

    Mal and Ben get a little crazy one night, and they both agree to act like it never happened. That is, until one little thing comes along and brings their secret to light.

  • Sanity (Part two of Adopted)
    254K 11.3K 23

    Sonny and Ellie are back. Sonny and Ellie live in an apartment together and things have been going well until Ellie keeps on getting calls from her unknown mother. Cover by: Verde56

  • Daughter of The Dark Fairy
    131K 3.6K 23

    Ben and Mal had just gotten married. They thought that everything would work out fine but between Ben's dad, Beast, and Mal's mother, Maleficent, nothing is easy. It takes all of Ben and all of Mal just to make it one month. But what happens after?

  • Rewriting History
    35.2K 1.3K 23

    (History Repeats book 2) Harry Hook and Petra Pan have started their lives together in Auradon sounds like a happy ever after right? Wrong. When items like Mal's Spell Book, Evie's Mirror and the spindle from Sleeping Beauty's take start to go missing from the museum all eyes are on Harry Hook for the blame. Will Petr...

  • Mal's Little Sister (Harry Hook)
    330K 7K 37

    Melanie never really fit in with her family, yes her mother is Maleficent but since being stuck on the island it is as if nobody is truly evil anymore. Until Melanie was born, she had a passion for evil and the skills to be dangerous. But Mal never saw this in her sister and never let her be a part of the VK's so she...

  • Will History Repeat?
    254K 7.6K 37

    Petra Pan, daughter of Peter Pan, has lived in Auradon all her life. It's a better place then the Isle of the Lost from what she has heard. Yet she can help but to stare at the Isle from above the trees of Auradon. After one accident Petra finds herself on the Isle. Luckily for her shes as witty and quick as her fathe...

  • Sweet Reality (Sequel To Great Expectations) **COMPLETED**
    310K 7.3K 88

    Mal and Ben are finally having an heir! But, of course, their lives aren't perfect, and new challenges swing the VK's and AK's way, including a mysterious disappearance of one of their friends. SEQUEL TO GREAT EXPECTATIONS!

  • If Only || Descendants
    204K 6.1K 40

    It's been a couple months since Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay arrived at Auradon Prep. It's also been a couple months since Ben announced his love for Mal, and they started dating. When an old law is brought back into light, what will happen to Ben and Mal? Or when a evil that they thought was gone comes back? ***** I w...

  • You.
    60 3 1

    It's not done yet. But if you wanna read it. Go ahead

  • Coraline-My story
    16K 436 13

    Coraline was a little girl who was sadly murdered. This is her creepypasta story.

  • Coraline 2: The Beldam Returns
    29.9K 556 16

    Disclaimer: I do not own Coraline. All rights go to the creators of the movie. It's been a year since Coraline Jones has dealt with The Beldam. Wybie and Coraline got rid of the key, but, what happens after that? A year later, weird things begin to happen, and Coraline manages to find herself back where it all starte...

  • The Innocent Eyes (Jeff The Killer X Reader)
    377K 8.8K 69

    Strange things happen under strange circumstances and sometimes the most unsafe people make you feel the most safe. When you meet Jeff, he's not exactly like the stories you've heard. Perhaps he's just broken, but aren't we all? Can you fix each other? Will he finally be able to love something, despite his insanity? W...

  • Song Book🎤🎼
    365 65 5

    So, I have this passion for writing songs and I want to see if I can do well at it. Basically, you can make a request for me to write a song about anything and I will try my best to do good....I'll try.😀.....Help me make my dream come true!! 🎤

  • Truth or Dare
    1.3M 50.9K 23

    Madi's slumber party is suddenly terrorized by a harmless dare.

  • My Brother Lives Across The Street
    11.4K 516 7

    At the age of 18, Parker was left alone with his baby sister. He trusts his best friend, Karl, to adopt and raise his baby sister, but with his anxiety, he took off without visiting. A few years later, he finds himself living across the street from his sister. Cover by: Verde56

  • About Me!
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    I got tagged to do this.... I didn't want to but I have to......

  • Hypnotic Love
    16.2K 90 9

    Celestia goes to a small school and knows everyone but the don't know her. She is a outcast but once in awhile she likes to be a girly girl. One day a new boy came to school their was something he was hiding and she had to find out...........

  • The Abused
    27 3 1

    Ella and I are beaten and neglected and I'm tired of it. Ella always told me that life will get better. She was always against running away until one day she wasn't and blood was all over her. She wouldn't tell me why.

  • The Online Profile of a Serial Killer
    1.9M 78.1K 38

    When someone says that a story is true, it always isn't. But in this case, however, what I'm about to tell you is true. I'm Ian from Toronto, Canada, and a few years back, my half-sister was murdered -- burned alive in her backyard. Her name was Mindy Luu-Wei. The cops are useless. Their only suspect in the case is an...

    23.4K 1.2K 19

    In a time where flying cars rose to popularity, Nicole is a classic motor racing driver. Young and full of dreams, her life changes radically following a shocking accident. But what she couldn't predict is that these changes were just the beginning. Sometimes what we think is the end is, in fact, just a new start.

  • Mr. Brown
    9 1 1

    Mr. Brown is a Pig. A pig who loves life, that is until his amazing owner dies and is replaced by a horrible owner who comes and takes over the farm Mr. Brown lives in. What will happen to Mr. Brown next..?

  • Ashley....What have you done...
    35 5 3

    Ashley was a normal girl. She lived at home with her mum and had an average life. However all this changed when she met a certain someone...

  • The Dancer
    59 8 4

    This is a book were I will be telling you about a dancer named Ellie (me) who loves to dance but at school her grades are dropping down. Her dad is very strict and even sometimes he scares her so much , her mum on the other hand supports her and when she gets scared or upset she makes her feel better. What do you thin...