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  • Project Change Weekly Messages
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    Our weekly message on God, life, Scripture, and how we can be ready to change the world. Message us if you want to join, and we can add you to our weekly notification by adding your name in the chapter! We will try to add a new part every week or so, as best as we can! Dont be afraid to comment what you think! We want...

  • Project The Undiscovered Info And Fun Book
    4.9K 567 31

    Everything you need to know about Project The Undiscovered is all inside this book! There'll be a mix between interviews, Q+A's, facts, games/quizzes and much much more! Warning- There'll be a whole lot of fun and attention-grabbing chapters inside! Have fun and enjoy! --- Cover by @Crystique

    596 83 8

    In this work, we will attempt to educate and inform on the different types of romantic attractions and how they shape people's identities. We would love everyone to get involved in this discussion, so please vote, comment and share this with friends. If you would like to be a guest writer regarding this topic, get one...

  • ProjectFlashFlood - What We Are
    323 41 8

    We are a dedicated group of people who truly want to help all of our struggling friends here on Wattpad. Here is where you can learn about our Staff and in general what this whole project is about. Also it explains what job offerings we have open here at a ProjectFlashFlood. Current status {All Positions Open}

  • What is Domestic Abuse? (Closed)
    446 18 2

    This is a description about Domestic Abuse. Wanna join with me in this campaign?

  • What Is Project Embrace?
    816 104 1

    A book consisting of anything and everything you need to know about #ProjectEmbrace

  • #Project Undiscovered
    1.1K 95 5

    Curious huh? This is where you'll find out more about what we do to help authors change the fate of their book. You will know more about us, the crew, as well.

  • What is #ProjectSaveEarth ?
    21 9 1

    Here you will find all there is to know about #ProjectSaveEarth- what it's about, what it's purpose is, and why it is so important to spread awareness. [also includes Q&A + interviews with other campaigns]

  • Project Love Yourself
    163 20 2

    Project Love Yourself (#ProjectLoveYourself) was started by two users (@Madbooks and @no-duh) #794 in Non-Fiction!

  • What is #EndRapeCulture?
    87 13 2

    Learn more about the campaign to end rape culture in our society.

  • Equalism
    1.1K 212 8

    Read to find out what's our viewpoint

  • What is #ProjectInsecurities?
    476 54 3

    This is all you need to know about #ProjectInsecurities! Confused about #ProjectInsecurities, come and ask questions to get the answers that you need!

  • What is #Project Undercover?
    86 11 1

    Looking for an undercover campaign? You've came to the right place! In this book, it'll tell you know, stuff. Started: November 5, 2016

  • Everything you need to know about #ProjectTimeTravel
    497 35 3

    What is #ProjectTimeTravel? Read on to find out more.

  • My Youth
    11.7K 1K 3

    This book will give a lengthy description of the #myyouth movement while also showcasing and celebrating many of Wattpad's amazing youth writers - both campaign members and not.

  • What is WriteForYou?
    3.7K 337 2

    Want to know more about the #WriteForYou campaign? Here's everything you need to know and more!

  • #BoysDoCry
    969 160 2

    All there is to know about the campaign #BoysDoCry! Feel free to leave any questions/comments/concerns you have and they will be answered.

  • What is #IAmHere?
    1.3K 130 1

    confused about what it means? Read ahead! - The #IAmHere campaign is one that encourages standing up for you what you believe in, for what you love, what you are passionate about, without considering what other people will think. Passion is love, and #IAmHere is about showing the world how passion varies, how it chang...

  • #EverydayHeroes
    309 34 1

    #EverydayHeroes need YOUR recognition! Find out more here. [cover credits | @zketchy]

  • #TheMermaidProject | ✔ ©
    481 67 6

    #TheMermaidProject is a campaign to stop carelees humans from throwing waste into our beaches, ponds, oceans, lakes, seas, and rivers! And, help save the sea creatures, marine life, aquatic animals, and all other forms of wildlife that inhabits them! 🐠🐬🐢🐳🐋🐟🐙🐚🐊🏊🌴🚣🌊 Add our sticker to the cover of your stor...

  • Counseling for anxiety
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    For those moments where you need nothing more than a chat with somebody who understands.

  • Types of anxiety
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    Different anxiety disorders and their affects on the mind and body.

  • Self Harm Awareness
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    Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 (Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.) Suicide Prevention Services Crisis Hotline: 800-784-2433. (open 24/7.) [IF you ever need to contact me, please message me here on Wattpad, or one of the admins.] [If I do not respond or if it is certainly urgent and not questions then email me: @su...

  • A Guide to Eating Disorders
    62.3K 1.5K 33

    This book will have tips, advice and information about Eating Disorders. We will include helplines, advice chapters, specifics on each ED and more. If you have a request for a chapter, please let us know and we'll accomodate you as best we can. We are also including a specific set of chapters called the Directory so t...

  • What Is #10advice?
    90 7 1

    Hi, we're 10advice. If you're having some trouble or simply want to talk, please message us. We will help you in any way we possibly can. More information inside!

  • What is #FreeYourBeauty
    74 14 1

    This book is here to help you know what #FreeYourBeauty is. ~~~~~~ Sticker design by the amazing @scarrdreams

  • Get Involved
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    Discover ways to get involved in our campaign.

  • What Is #StayClean
    378 36 3

    Click to find out more about the #StayClean campaign.

  • Love For Life
    546 61 11

    This is the official book for the Love for Life campaign. It explains everything that this campaign stands for.

  • What Is #AllHaveWeakness Campaign?
    955 81 7

    All you have to know about this campaign, right here.