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  • I dare you ➸ NoMin ꪜ
    47K 2.8K 6

    two best friends have a dare game that's been going on for months, just between the two of them. ___________________________________________ Start | August 7, 2O18 Finish | August 7, 2O18 ___________________

    201K 10.6K 21

    [ EDITING ] Taeyong thinks he is gay and because of that he can't get enough sleep. The comeback is getting close and he's tired and stressed out. Jaehyun accidentally finds out about his problem in a rather unexpected way. After the incident nothing will ever be the same again between them. SANGCHUTAE © 2018

  • [ privilege | markhyuck ]
    5.5K 269 2

    "I said I don't want to." started: 07/10/2018 finished: 11/24/2018

  • Juice Cartons | Jaeyong NCT
    56.6K 2.7K 15

    Taeyong has never been jealous of anyone but lately, he can't seem to get rid of the nagging spike of jealousy he feels whenever Jaehyun spends time with someone else. And as he often reminds himself, it's not even as if they are dating. But maybe, just maybe, Taeyong could change that. © cristiano-, 2018

  • yutae ❥ kissing booth
    3.1K 274 1

    yuta has been denying his sexuality for quite some time now. when he volunteers to run the kissing booth at his school's annual carnival, he finds that he's pretty okay with being gay.

  • Your name, again? «markhyuck;one shot»
    8.2K 464 2

    Where Donghyuck is a stressed barista and Mark just wants some coffee » One Shot » boyxboy » markhyuck » fluff » café!au

  • Bro Zone // markhyuck
    202K 12K 28

    Mark finds out his best friend is in love with him by "accidentally" reading his diary one night. But he doesn't know what to do about it, being the panicked gay he is. (mm/dd/yyyy) started: 9/06/18 ended: 10/27/18 Copyright © 2018 by yutamatic

  • color ; kyg+pjy ✓
    2.7K 187 2

    col•or (n) : a phenomenon of light (as red, brown, pink, or gray) or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects

  • Annoying {Markhyuck}
    281K 20.5K 38

    {completed} Mark is one of those people that never gets mad. He's sweet and caring and extremely laid-back, which is why so many people love him. But when a certain someone named Donghyuck becomes the first person to make him snap, people's view on the boy change.

  • soft [jeongchan] ✓
    175K 14.1K 26

    "can I play with the puppies?" in which jeongin pays chan a daily visit at the pet store. highest rank: #1 in puppies #2 in jeonchan #2 in skz - started 7/30/18 shortchapter uwu

  • urge // jeongchan | ✓
    291K 19.4K 34

    ❝your hug sticks to me throughout the day. it's like honey, sweet and warm and absolutely addicting.❞ ( czech translation: @felixthedabking )

  • White Meat
    85.4K 4.1K 7

    [LGBTQ/Short Story] I caught my bully kissing another guy. For him, this made ME a nasty little problem. --- Made it to #61 in Short Story Featured on the official @LGBTQ profile

    105K 9.2K 48

    JOHNIL / taeil is problematic. johnny can fix that. ❝teach me how to be cool, senpai.❞ (editing as of 28/02/2020)

  • nothing | johnjae.
    6K 389 7

    art history major!johnny meets a rather baffled psychology major!jaehyun in front a temporary piece in johnny's favourite place...