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  • The Reason Why
    4.2K 165 6

    Hanji loves him but Levi kept looking at only one girl, everyone said Petra is the one for him . Will she have space in his heart?

  • LeviHan- I Saved You, Now Save Me
    14.6K 375 24

    You know those split-second decisions you make with only one thought in mind at the time? It was one of those moments. Levi's gear had been only a second too late as five fifteen meter Titans had surrounded the group, leaving Mikasa, Eren, Armin, Jean, Hanji, Connie and Sasha in a tight spot as well. Hanji's curses he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Come on, Levi! Smile for me! [On Hold]
    613 36 3

    This is my first fan-fiction so sorry if it's crappy! This will be a modern au of AoT. Without further ado... Enjoy! (I don't own any of the pictures and I don't own the characters!)

  • His Walls ~ levi x hanji {LeviHan}
    619 9 2

    a hanji x levi fanfiction • no capitals in description intended • written by hanji~ undergoing editing

  • LeviHan (Levi X Hange Oneshots)
    19.8K 336 5

    The title says all you need to know. There will be Lemon. First Time ever writing fanfics, merely oneshots. Please enjoy and give critical feedback.

  • Let's Start Again
    58.3K 2.2K 23

    After waking up from dying in his sleep, Levi questions what he should do with his life. On top of that, he's gained an unwanted friend: Dr. Hanji Zoe, who was present when he woke up. Everything points back to him rejoining the Survey Corps, but he can't deal with the PTSD attacks alone, so Hanji comes along. It does...

  • Glasses And Shorty
    22.6K 559 9

    Welcome to the Survey corp. Hanji and Levi fanfics are hard to find. So here ya go.

  • LeviHan Fluff
    31.8K 938 12

    Various fluffy oneshots for my AoT OTP :-). Some will be modern, some will be taking place in the show's time. Enjoy!

  • levihan vampire fan-fic (CONTINUED)
    4.4K 161 13

    Erwin, Mike, Levi and Hange are all royal vampires. They all live together trying to conceal their existances while still feeding on human blood. Their over one hundered years of existance is hidden all until they meet three lower class vampires. What will happen, will the royals be shown up or will lower class peasan...

  • Levi Ackerman and Hanji Zoe - Shingeki no Kyojin
    13.1K 370 7

    Levi and Hanji never seemed compatible; Levi was strict and emotionless while Hanji was fun, outgoing and sometimes a little too hard-working. Of course, they've had their ups and downs and a fair share of awkward moments in front of the others. Here are some one-shots I decided to write. Nothing explicit, sometimes f...

  • Twist of Fate (AOT)
    17.8K 657 10

    Hanji Zoe has never been good enough for anyone. A hopeless romantic, she's always been pushed away from anyone she tries to acquaint with. A fully-qualified med school student, her life has suddenly caught her up. Her future seems desperate, she is constantly feeling dejected and worthless. That's until she meets Lev...

  • Historias; Levi X Hanji. (snk)
    234K 5.8K 52

    Aquí encontrarás varias historias levihan, cortas, medianas y algo largas, en diferentes universos alternativos y tiempos. Disfrútenlo levihanfans.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Life with Levi (Levihan Fanfiction)
    88.8K 3.1K 30

    So this is just going to be a Levihan (LevixHanji) story, I'm going to make it up as I go on, really. Hope you enjoy it! And I'm sorry for any typos, incorrect punctuation, etc. So I apologize in advance XD I do NOT own any of the characters Except some random OC's here and there. Anyway, on to the story! ;3

  • The Path I Choose, Leads to my destiny!
    1.2K 61 12

    This is a levihan story that focuses on how their relationship comes to be throughout their years of developing friendship. When Levi and Hanji finally start their life together... Read the story to find out more about what they go through together. The story mainly focuses on medical issues in the 'military' that imp...

  • Four- Eyes.....Your Lucky I Love You. (Discontinued)
    12.7K 323 37

    Currently under Updating Mode : []

  • The Contrasting Disposition
    561 36 4

    This is a fan fiction. This ship is basically my passion and the whole reason i started an account. Based on shingeki no kyojin or attack on titan, characters hanji and levi. They're adorable in my opinion. My OTP. My baes. Stupid shit glasses and short little clean freak. They're so cute. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ I could go on for...

  • I'm Glad I Met You - LeviHan Love Story
    11.7K 363 8

    During a mission outside the walls Hanji gets injured. With the infirmary full, Levi must take it upon himself to nurse her back to health. He never saw her without her glasses or with her hair down. He also never realised how strangely beautiful she was. I do not own any of these characters. They belong to Hajime Isa...

  • Unintended Love
    33.7K 1.2K 24

    Hanji and Levi...forced to be roommates. Levi, who is the clean freak is ro

  • A Songbird's Wings of Freedom
    18.1K 512 16

    After reeling from his fiancee's murder at the hands of the Female Titan, Corporal Levi Ackerman begins a new relationship with his close friend, Squad Leader Hanji Zoe. This story was written in 2014. The edited & updated version of it can be found under the title, "What is Freedom?" on my profile.

  • Ask Or Dare Hanji And Levi!
    5.3K 260 15

    Read the title! You ask or give dares to me and ravioli~ the Levi is @HumanitysLevi be sure to follow him~!!

  • Back to Grade 5! ( LeviHan fanfiction)
    11.2K 522 52

    Before they went to junior high,Let's take a peek on Aot's story while they were in fifth grade. And of course I won't forget to say Levi and Hanji's love story in the day they met.In this story the main characters are the leaders,captain and the comander from the original Aot program,Try to guess who they are!. I hop...

  • Humanity's Strongest Pair
    14K 355 9

    this is a Levihan fanfic and it's going to be really bad so I wouldn't get your hopes up! Writer Out✌