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  • Harry Potter Characters Oneshots
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    Oneshots of the Harry Potter Characters. Enjoy!

  • Harry Potter Oneshots X Reader
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    Yay another story! <3

  • Harry Potter Imagines
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    Basically what the title says ^^ REQUESTS ARE: CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Just send me a message with the following: -Name -Character -Scenario (optional but recommended ) -House and Year (optional) -anything else you want to add :) Happy Reading!!

  • Harry Potter Characters X Reader One shots
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    I will be writing one shots for a lot of the harry potter characters. A few keys: Y/n= your name L/n= last name H/c= hair colour E/c= eye colour Y/h= your house If I have missed anything and there is something new in the story I will fill in a new key thingy. P.s. I do not own harry potter!!!! Edited* requests closed...

  • You Must be a Weasley
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    You know what they say, after one set of twins, it is very common to have another set. How would the story that we all came to love be different if only Ron had a twin sister?

  • Harry Potter x Reader Oneshots - All Generations
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    Requests are open. A collection of original oneshots for Harry Potter, all generations. Fantastic Beasts is also included for anyone who wants it! Enjoy! :3 All rights to the Harry Potter world and it's characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I only own the scene ideas.

  • Harry Potter Character One Shots.
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    Various one shots for Harry Potter characters!! Hi y'all I wrote most of these when I was like 13 so prepare - the last like 5 are probably the best I do not own any of these wonderful characters, they all belong to the amazing J.K. Rowling! The updates on this book and horrifyingly sporadic however, I try my best to...