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  • Making Exceptions (swanqueen)
    102K 3.1K 32

    College AU: Emma Swan is a culinary arts student. Regina Mills is her English teacher. Story progresses from there, if you can dig what I'm getting at. :) *not my work* Full credits to the owner @/misquotesandeighthnotes

  • Crossing Paths
    21.2K 986 28

    Right when both Emma and Regina are about to give up on dating, guys and romance, they meet each other. *This is a SwanQueen fanfiction *I don't own the characters they all belong to Disney and ABC *You don't have to have watched Once Upon a Time to understand this story

  • Mute Girl
    48.6K 1.3K 13

    Emma Swan is sent to camp for a school year. They teach you and you learn stuff. Regina Mills goes every year and now she meets Emma. G!p

  • Intrigued
    9.2K 557 20

    The annual vacation in France is always appreciated by Regina Mills and her best friend Ingrid. Every year they visit the beautiful country together with Ingrid's parents, David and Mary Margaret Nolan. But this year, Regina meets Ingrid's foster sister, who'd been living with the Nolan family for a couple of weeks. E...

  • Woman Like Me {COMPLETED}
    228K 9.6K 37

    Woman Like Me// BeyNika// Possibly G!P

    Completed   Mature
  • Kingpin's Daughter
    286K 9.3K 40

    Cynthia Santana is the daughter of Rafael Santana, the Kingpin of New York and when trouble comes his way, he needs only the best to watch his daughter. And the best would be Ms. Erica Mena. Erica Mena was Rafael's best worker and she always worked by his side. He loved her like she was his own. She was always around...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bet (Law Order SVU)
    28.7K 466 18

    Just Olivia Benson and Alex Cabot doig sexy couple stuff. They make a bet to see who can make the other have more orgasims. Who wis? Read to find out more!

    Completed   Mature
  • Bittersweet Revenge
    68.1K 3.1K 19

    A fun Swan Queen AU based on the original movie Overboard. A filthy rich snob, Miss Mills refuses to pay Emma Swan for her labor. When Emma sees an opportunity to seek revenge on the dreadful woman, she seizes the day. *Mature Content

  • About Last Night (swanqueen)
    92.9K 2.3K 20

    Read it:)) it's so good *This is not my work* I got it from **

  • Mani's Baby (COMPLETED)
    61.5K 1.7K 13

    Normani wants a baby, but not a commitment. Lauren is willing to help along and play by Normani's rules. Little does Normani know that Lauren will do everything in her power to make the dark skin beauty fall in love with her along the way. Not mine's just converting from a favorite story of mine from

    Completed   Mature
  • Coming Home (camren)
    623K 15.8K 43

    Captain Jauregui has twin boys with her long time friend Camila, when she's home on leave she finds out that Camila has a boyfriend. She and her boys make a plan to extract the intruder that is Camila's new boyfriend so that she can win over Camila. Will she and the boy's mission succeed or fail. Warning ⚠️ Lauren G...

  • The Wedding Date
    699K 16.5K 25

    Lauren hires Camila as a wedding escort to make her ex-fiance Paul jealous. Can Lauren make the difference between what's real and what's all act to make Paul jealous? HIGHEST RANK: #56 IN FANFICTION. CONVERTED FROM BRITTANA STORY.

  • Senior Year (Camren)
    233K 5.9K 13

    COMPLETED. Entering their Senior Year, star football quarterback Lauren Jauregui gets the news of her life from the girl she's head over heels for. Through many obstacles, such as having a family while being offered many college scholarships, the two girls come out on top of the world together through the power of lo...

  • Hidden Hills ✅
    144K 7.3K 21

    Maybe I could have dealt with the med students, but something told me their neurotic habits would do little for my mental health. I wanted to live in that house. I wanted to live with the girls in Hidden Hills.

    Completed   Mature
  • Better Together (Laurmani)( COMPLETED)
    129K 5.2K 31

    Too many drinks led to another thing, what would you do if your one night stand ends up pregnant? Gip Lauren Note: Not my story just converting it to Laurmani story from Glee a story.

    Completed   Mature
  • Troubled•Teachers
    51.4K 1.6K 44

    Regina Mills works as a teacher and is abused by her husband, Robin. She doesn't speak up until a certain blonde comes to town. Emma Swan is a teacher with a 14 year old son and a history. She runs into a brunnete on the first day of work and slowly tries to get to know her. What happens when these two women start gro...

  • Humbug: Something Designed to Mislead (Camren One Shot)
    28.4K 839 2

    Camila is married to Harry. Lauren is married to Louis. However, their marriages aren't what they seem. Harry and Louis are long time lovers and only married the girls as a sham for their homophobic families. Camila and Lauren know the truth about their husbands and only married the boys to escape the societal pressur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finally Mine
    73.8K 2.1K 18

    Lauren is the basketball team captain, sexy as hell, popular, and strong. Camila is the cheer captain, everyone's friend, very happy, and outgoing. Lauren and Camila both have a crush on each other. They know each other from school but never really became friends even though their best friends are dating. G!P and Trig...

    64.6K 1.3K 6

    Punk rocker's gonna teach the virgin some things or is it just that? "You once called me your drug. Well, you were my drug and I was hooked after only one time." - this story is not mine, just a conversion! [SMUT] Camila g!p Highest rank: #1 in camrengp

    Completed   Mature
  • Now You Know How It Feels (Norminah One Shot)
    9K 327 1

    After finding out that Normani the Nerd was her secret admirer, Dinah Jane the Jock cut her off completely. What happens when Norminah are reacquainted in college a year later? Plot twist: Normani the Nerd isn't how she used to be at all. **PLEASE DO NOT COPY/REPOST/REPRODUCE MY WORK. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!**

  • SwanQueen One Shots - Book Two
    97.1K 4.9K 92

    Book Two of a selection of SwanQueen One Shots. Feel free to leave a request in the comments.

  • Illusions
    35.4K 1.9K 30

    Undercover detective, Emma Swan, is sent from the big city life of New York to small town Storybrooke, Maine to follow a lead on her new case. She's a determined woman, one of the best undercover cops, but can she remain focused when ghosts of her past are constantly distracting her? Not to mention, a curious little b...

  • Live Again (Camren)
    183K 5.8K 14

    Camila a hopeless romantic navigates through the struggles of being in love with the most oblivious and closed woman she's ever met. G!p Lauren.

  • One Shots (Camren)
    247K 6.1K 56

    Hey guys, I'll post some one shots, most of them are fluffy's, some have a bit of smut.. I really hope you guys like it

    Completed   Mature
  • Change is good, unless it isn't
    45.1K 2.8K 31

    A new medical examiner Dinah Jane Hansen is in town and Detective Normani Kordei would like to know more about her past. Converted from dontmissthis from FF

  • Do You Remember ? (Camren)
    287K 7.9K 29

    Do you remember the one that you love? And the one that love you? Lauren does, but will Camila regain her memory after the accident?

  • Love At All Cost
    112K 5.1K 44

    Damn How Would You React If You Saw A Goddess In Front Of You? Someone You Think Never Existented. What Would You Do To Have Her? Especially If She's So Close To You

    Completed   Mature
  • If Loving You Is Wrong
    94.4K 4.4K 72

    It's been two years and Erica and Cyn are doing their own thing. Cyn is in a relationship with Joe Budden and Erica is just doing her own thing. Keeping her life private. Fans suspect Cyn and Joe relationship isn't real and Cyn and Joe do everything to say it is. Erica is low key loving this and what people don't know...

    Completed   Mature
  • How It's Suppose To Be
    168K 6.2K 68

    This story is about my favorite relationship. Erica Mena and Cyn Santana. To me they were perfect together. I hope you guys enjoy my interpretation of their love life. -Sparkles :)

  • Adorn You
    12.6K 557 7

    Now they are married with two kids but how they got there wasn't easy. Beyoncé and Kelly were raised as sister but they couldn't let go the love they have for each other. See what it took for them to get to where they are now.