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  • Gone And Forgotten (Ghost Romance)
    3.9K 233 16

    When you wake up from a coma, everything seems... wrong. Like a dream that's not quite your own. And waking up from a coma with amnesia, well then everything feels like a nightmare. Leah soon found this out after her accident, and it made her outlook on life bleak. But life seems to have a silver lining, as a certain...

  • Lonely Little Dog Joe
    23K 390 3

    Every morn, he wakes to pretty lemon lights...

  • Stories That Never Get Told
    1.1K 161 153

    These are the stories of the things that have been, could have been, and should have been. They needed their voices to be heard, and I'm doing the best I can to give them that.

  • Tell Me in Ten Words
    1.4K 169 53

    A collection of ten word stories that not only tell the story of my life but also the story of yours.

  • Brain Bin
    319 53 9

    Just some short works here. Table of Contents ---------- Am I Refundable? Here Lies Humpty Dumpty Leave it to Doggone Chance Pick Your Poison The Insanity of Loyalty The Time Traveler's Toy Trapped Shaking Snow globes