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  • A Revolution of the Mind
    2K 194 4

    Ever heard voices? Alice has. She's the girl who can hear her inner demon, and has been submitting to it for as long as she can remember. Fighting against it has been the battle of her life, and her family don't know how to connect with her anymore. They also think that she's a suicide risk. Now Alice must decide: wil...

  • Letters From Cody
    2.4M 106K 50

    Cody has just lost the love of his life, Peyton. He' s losing his mind without her, just like how she lost hers.

  • Letters from Peyton
    4.3M 222K 74

    Peyton has no family. Her parents died in a car crash, her grandparents died a while ago and she's an only child. She's been to at least fifteen funerals in her lifetime, for family but now she only has one more funeral to go to. Her own.

  • Audrey And Jake
    6.4K 411 9

    "The stars have aligned I thought that I've found you, and I don't wanna love somebody else" A Great Big World She was in love with books He was in love with her She wasn't ready for him All he wanted was to be with her

  • ✔️Revolution (Winner of HearHere Contest/Companion to FLP)
    272 24 2

    A powerful story about a school shooting. ** Highest rating: 205 A winner of the HearHere Writing Contest!! Many thanks to my supporters and Hear Here for presenting this amazing opportunity!!

  • Dear No One
    1K 71 3

    "when angels learn to fly" in which a young girl recounts her experiences with bullying, romance, and much more to the only person who seems to care. No One. --- Extended Summary Inside. Lowercase Intended for Poetic Effect. Cover by: @burning-bridges

  • Letters From Liz
    897K 34.7K 54

    Liz meets Cody, a broken boy who is pining for his lost love, Peyton, whom Liz knew when Peyton was alive. Liz has to fight love against loyalty as she tried to remain sober in a world where alcohol rules. Cover by @surrealinfinities

  • ✔️Still All Over Me (Honorable Mention 600 Words Of Love Challenge)
    291 27 1

    Don't worry, I didn't include the last letters of your name, just J. Not that it would matter. You wouldn't know it was about you if I'd actually written Jake in there. © 2015 ML_Brooks, all rights reserved

  • good morning, sunshine
    1.2M 90.2K 44

    a story about them; through a series of texts. "you don't need to meet someone in real life to meet the real them" 「 copyright @simrankdhaliwal highest rank - first in short story lowercase intended for stylistic purposes 」

  • Talks With Us
    200K 7.1K 17

    All of Peyton's and Cody's moments, wrapped into one

  • Iris and Asher
    1.2K 85 10

    ~It's so odd how people drift apart Like how people drift away From memories and photographs That always seem to stay and remain the same~ A short story on how opposites could try and attract

  • Milk-Carton Faces
    26.2K 1.4K 2

    Mike disappeared on a clear day. I remember that, at least, though not much else. I was five years old. "Try," the policemen said to me. "Try harder. Remember."

  • the art of film
    54.9K 5.7K 17

    in which xavier donahue moves abroad to england to study film, get away from his unrequited love-slash-best friend and start over; meeting a charismatic acting student in a laundromat with an affection for shakespearean plays. ❝ they say; everyone has a story to tell, maybe it's told through the pages of a paperback...

  • Paper Planes (Book 1)
    103K 3.7K 15

    "I never knew how much a tiny piece of paper could hold until I met you." ---- {1st book in the paper series} Highest Ranking: #51 in Short Story (7/13/15) Hit 50k reads on 8/18/15 Hit 100K reads on 7/10/18 COMPLETED NOT EDITED © Pham234 All Rights Reserved

  • The Beauty Project
    10K 476 14

    "What are doing here?" The first thing said to twins, Ansley and Asher Renyolds, when they showed up at two separate boarding schools about a million miles away from one another and half way across the world from their home. "Miss Reynolds, where are you supposed to be?" Mr. Taylors, the head of Morrison Boys Inst...

  • Some Like It Sweet! (*Wattpad Featured Story*) #Wattys2015
    110K 4.9K 11

    Dev Malhotra is a popular chef. Meera Sachdev is a ruthless food critic. Both are A-listers in the restaurant circuits. A clash between them will surely turn into a clash of the Titans. What happens when Meera dines at Dev's restaurant and gives it a bad review? Neither will back down, that's for sure. Knives, forks a...

  • Tech Support
    1M 62.2K 88

    ❝Hello, this is tech support. How may I help you?❞ "Well, I might have microwaved my phone..."" ❝Ok, stop it Luke. No one would do that❞ "Um, I'm not Luke, and that was a serious statement" _--_--_--_--_--_--_--_ Highest Ranking: #1 Short Story Dates: Starte...