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  • Let's Learn Korean [Compilation]
    1.9M 38.5K 74

    Highest Rank: #1 Non-Fiction Annyeonghaseyo. Jeoneun Man Joo Yeon imnida. I'm here to help you to learn some korean phrases,grammars or words in an easy way here in this book. DISCLAIMER: This is just a compilations! Credits to the sources I got! ? CoverPhoto by @-imyourprince

  • Why Jesus Is Better Than FanFiction
    76.1K 7.9K 179

    I am Jesus, your savior. After dealing with all the shit I do for your race, I come across this... fan fiction. I am greatly disturbed on why you read this. I am constantly wondering who larry is and why he is so important, or the cat named Phan who always seems to appear? Who are these people... They are the DE...

  • Joker 》clifford a.u
    57.6K 4.4K 9

    Let's put a smile on that face.

  • Domestic (Dan Howell X Female Reader)
    193K 7.8K 47

    {highest ranking; #41 in fanfiction} Two Youtubers, one story. This starts cringey & unrealistic but it gets better, I swear. This is a 'safe' fanfic. I intend that no self harm, suicide, eating disorders etc are included in this book. If there is, I will put a disclaimer at the start of the chapter. Grammar...

  • Nap Mishap
    1.3M 29.9K 26

    Chatnoir dropped off his sleepy princess. Wakes up in civilian form and Alya discovered him! (Marichat written in first season #31 in Fanfiction!!! #5 Marichat! Also check Start Over (all ships!) Before the Miraculous ,🌠 who is he kissing,💋 Miraculous Curses of the Mermaid Treasure🐬, Miraculous curses 2🐳 Saving...

  • dyslexia : joshler
    1.6M 114K 118

    "C-can you read to me?" "Of course I can" in which josh is dyslexic and tyler is his partner in english -- ranks ❣️ ; #91 in fan fiction ❣️ (11/31/16) #68 in fan fiction ❣️ (12/3/16) #27 in fan fiction ❣️ (12/4/16) #20 in fan fiction ❣️ (12/5/16) #16 in fan fiction ❣ (12/8/16) #11 in fan fiction ❣ (12/11/16) #6 in...

  • Skinny • Book 1 In The Reality Series
    6.9M 445K 134

    Calum can't eat and Katy can't stop.

  • Mute? (5SOS X Reader)
    93.7K 2.9K 33

    (Y/N) (L/N) a new student. She got bullied at her last school, because of her voice. Because of the bullying she diceded to stop talking, even if she has to give up her talent, singing. What happens if the bullying doesn't stop at her new school? What happens when (Y/N) meets Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin a...

  • Band Camp Beats Rehab, Right?
    253 24 14

    An unfortunate decision leads Lucy and her best friend, Jason, to a dilemma... rehab or band camp? When they met, they bonded over their love off music which just seems too perfect considering Lucy's uncle runs a band camp. Her pessimistic way of thinking leads her to hate the idea of ever having to attend that hell...

  • Roommates (jacksepticeyexReader)
    64.5K 2.3K 31

    When Y/N goes to college, she goes to her room to find something different, she has a green haired boy walk in her room...

    Completed   Mature