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  • Titanic: Could It Be Saved?(First Draft)
    4.8K 381 17

    *Book 1 in the Back in Time series* We all know how Titanic struck an iceberg in 1914 killing thousands of people, but so what? That small event over 100 years ago couldn't really affect our life today could it? Well it turns out it can. While doing a research project a school, a group of unlikely friends need to mak...

  • Marie Antoinette: What If It Never Happened! (first draft)
    2.9K 181 14

    *Book 2 in the Back in Time series* #542 in History on 9/5/18 (D/M/Y) Highest Ranking: #199 in History on 20/2/18 (D/M/Y) #thecosmicawards2018 A young French Queen, angry peasants, royalty, death. Marie Antoinette is often blamed for starting the French revolution, but did she? What were some of the circumstances tha...