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  • Escapade - Larry Stylinson (Re-write)
    159K 9.1K 44

    The curious case of London's most wanted murderer, the brilliant mind of the boy in the Burberry coat, and how they became the greatest love story you'll ever hear. Set in 1990s London, rewrite of ESCAPADE (2014)/ For MATURE AUDIENCE only (18+). Despite having no victim list, or any name to the photographs in the pape...

    Completed   Mature
  • Swan Lake - Larry Stylinson Ballet AU
    69.9K 4K 20

    Larry Ballet AU. * Louis is a boy covered head to toe in Mickey-Mouse band-aids, Harry is a professional Ballet dancer, and they are partners for the Swan Lake performance at the end of the year. But something waits behind Louis' bedroom door. It waits for a long time. It's quite sad that December comes. * 3rd person...

  • Branded - Larry Stylinson
    5.4K 467 22

    Your child goes missing. Not long after, a Russian doll awaits you on your doorstep. Within the doll is a farewell letter. 1874, Harry and Louis have a son named Othello. They lose him soon after. Book III of the Steampunk Trilogy. Set in Victorian England, London. Please read 'Glassy Sky' and 'Arlo' before startin...

  • Arlo - Larry Stylinson
    8.7K 667 20

    The year is 1872, the Rogues of London move away from their hometown and out to sea in search of new adventure. However, oceans bite back, pirates are waiting, and stranger love is to be found out there. Larry Stylinson, including all of One Direction's members. Book II of the Steampunk and Gypsy Trilogy. This book...

    Completed   Mature
  • Glassy Sky - Larry Stylinson
    18.9K 1.4K 20

    Louis is the Leader of a Steampunk street-gang and earns money as a male prostitute. Harry is a Dutch Gypsy with a prosthetic hand with a keen eye for all things beautiful. They find each other perhaps by chance, but perhaps that the Gypsy-Boy knew what he wanted from the start; and when a Russian man with the same bl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Five Degrees from Freezing - Larry Stylinson
    36.4K 2K 22

    "William is the Prince of Daggers and Roses. Marcel is the Prince of Innocence and Enlightenment." "-And you? What Prince are you, Harry?" "... The Prince of Lust and Desire." Larry AU in which Harry Styles is the outcasted middle child of three Princes. His interest is peaked by Louis Tomlinson who seems to have the...

    Completed   Mature