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  • You, Plural
    22.9K 1.4K 2

    April showers bring May flowers. Too bad it's the end of October and Levi never sent her flowers.

  • Little Talks
    856K 71.7K 115

    a collection of meaningless conversations that, together, just might be enough to make something meaningful.

  • The Eighth Breakup ✓
    956K 56.8K 39

    "For a broken heart, the limit for revenge . . . does not exist." __________________________ What happens when you get caught breaking garden gnomes and throwing eggs at your sister's ex-boyfriend's house? In Helen's case, she gets stuck with Nolan Milesblue, the revenge-driven high school outsider who wants to...

    114K 8.1K 21

    ❝ One moment it was a fairytale. The next my world was spiraling out of control, he was drifting away. Then there was a crash, the last breaking point before we fell apart. ❞ ∞ ∞ ∞ Adhira Kapoor is tired of feeling out of control. Her life doesn't feel hers anymore. She's strug...

  • 2.8 | Miles Away
    682K 41K 37

    Darcy Evers didn't know the consequence of breaking Miles Callaghan's heart. Then he returns - cold, ruthless and seeking revenge on the girl who turned his life upside down. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018 by Noelle N. Cover by @stereohearted.

  • Last Dance | ✓
    119K 5.5K 18

    What is the typical dying woman's last wish? To live her very own Cinderella fairytale, of course. Copyright © Avrielle, 2016.

  • Back to December
    42.5K 1.3K 2

    Somehow, someway, he always finds his way back to her.

  • Drowning
    368K 23.5K 19

    It takes Brooke Rhodes ten minutes to drown. Ten minutes, ten memories, ten reasons.

  • White Dress • #3
    138K 7.3K 7

    She wasn't supposed to wear a black dress today. So she didn't. ▪▪▪ Book #3 of the Purpose universe. Can be read as a standalone, but a continuation is in development. [ Short Story #53 ]

  • Two Lies and a Truth
    165K 7.9K 11

    Olivia is so madly in love with Jeremy. Jeremy can't possibly live without Olivia. Everything they say is a lie. Guess which sentence is the truth. [ Teen Fiction #223 ]

  • Reasons He Left | ✔
    1.4M 85.7K 75

    01 in Short story [15-01-17] ❝he left her, but why?❞ In which Eva lived a perfect life until her fiancé left her. He left her without giving a reason. [Told through a series of text messages, voicemails] (cover : calalu)

  • notes (COMPLETED)
    337K 23.4K 16

    "You're just a girl, not even a pretty one. You were just something to fill my spare time, nothing more. And these? Well they're just notes."

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    5.7M 411K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

    Completed   Mature
  • Crushed
    213K 13K 21

    "We often confuse what we wish for with what is." ~ Neil Gaiman

  • Unspoken Thoughts | ✓
    79.5K 5.8K 26

    [Sequel to Unspoken Words] *Used to be Unanswered Texts* After Rebecca moved, she wanted a fresh start. But nevertheless her crush follows, resulting in leaving his messages unanswered after one low blow from him. [#highest rating: #492 in short story] [© 2015 aftertastefully]

  • Silently Spoken
    34.1K 2.6K 10

    "To live is to be haunted"

  • what he found
    70.9K 4K 21

    Riley loved Drew, Drew proclaimed to love Diane, but what everyone didn't know was that Drew too loved Riley. - #371 in short story !! <3 thank you so much for reading my story i know it may not seem like such a huge accomplishment to other people, but it is to me !!! (((: thank you

  • For Now
    479 48 1

    I was quiet, he was loud, obnoxious and outgoing. I was reserved, while you could read him like a book. This isn't a story about how two different people got together, it's far from it. This story is about his last goodbye. For Now.

  • Things I Could Never Tell You
    15.9M 695K 179

    Some things stay as they are, but others? They fall apart. And once upon a time, Stephanie Olsen and Tyler Scott were the best of friends. Once inseparable, now drifting apart. The more they grew separate, the more Stephanie's feelings for him increased and she wished she could tell him. But couldn't. As she watched...

  • The 12th Kiss
    5.5M 255K 39

    "Cinderella had till midnight, I have twelve kisses to win back my prince's heart," John wants Metilda to end their marriage.He believes that he has fallen in love with another woman. Metilda agrees but she has one condition. John must kiss her every afternoon in-front of their son for twelve da...

  • 11 Reasons Why • #1
    332K 19.3K 16

    Grace and Grant were not meant to be, but there were eleven reasons why he was unforgettable. This is a short story of how she fell for him, and how he let it all fall apart. ▪▪▪ Book #1 of The Art of Finding the One universe. Can be read as a standalone, but will be rewritten and continued as a trilogy in the near fu...