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  • You're An Angel [Destiel Fanfiction]
    97.7K 3.4K 14

    When Castiel Novak finally gets Dean Winchesters attention, everything is perfect. His whole world is made, until Crowley shows up. He has different ideas.

  • The Trickster | Sabriel Highschool AU
    280K 16.8K 25

    Everyone who goes to Redwill High knows of the trickster Gabriel. His antics were legendary among the students, and everyone was always talking about the next big thing he might do. Sam really didn't care much for the gossip. But, he might be forced to when Gabriel's next idea land both him and Sam in detention.

  • A Step Away | Destiel AU
    86.1K 5K 18

    Dean finally has a second chance at life after his father died. Yet, he finds himself falling farther than he ever has before when a fatal mistakes turns his whole world on its head. Warning: There is mentions of suicide and suicidal attempts. Also, there are vivid flashbacks to extreme violence. You have been warned.

    Completed   Mature
  • Why Are You Hiding Your Wings? | Destiel College AU
    945K 38.9K 17

    What do you do if you're forced to go to college and share a dorm with someone? Doesn't sound bad? Well, try hiding wings on top of it!

  • Neighbors. A Sabriel Fic.
    126K 7.3K 28

    A human!Gabriel normal life!Sam apartment!au <did I do that right? Idek Sam Winchester, fresh out of college, was living happily in his apartment, until he met his neighbor who seemed only there to amuse him. Gabriel Novak, an art major, just couldn't live his life knowing someone didn't like him. (Mentions of Des...

    Completed   Mature
  • One day at a time (Destiel and Sabriel high school AU)
    92.1K 4.2K 37

    This story is about Dean and Sam Winchester moving to a new high school in Kansas and they meet Castiel and Gabriel Novak. Can Castiel and Gabriel help Sam and Dean get over their trust issues? Sam and Dean had a lot of bad things happen to them because of their sexuality but the worst things always happened to Dean b...

  • The Heat of the Moment Sabriel/Destiel/ Michifer Highschool AU
    151K 7.6K 60

    So what Sam and Dean had moved again? It's not like this move would b any different. Dean would hook up with any available girl, and Sam would do his best to avoid making friends. But with their older brother Michael along for the ride their life gets turned upside down. All because of three Novaks.

  • Highschool Destiel Love Story AU
    255K 9.5K 18

    Castiel is new to the school and wants to know who Dean Winchester is and when Castiel gets a new car he will find out because Dean is the mechanic who fixes it. :) Hope you like it!! SABRIEL INCLUDED

  • Car Problems
    24.6K 1.4K 4

    Cas is lazy about maintaining his car. As long as it runs, he ignores all of its problems, but the check oil light is coming on and the car is making weird noises, so he bites the bullet and heads to the auto shop by his house. The mechanic that works on his car is downright gorgeous, but Cas is in a bad mood and insu...

  • Cyberbully»Destiel
    75.6K 4.1K 24

    When Cas gets a message from someone at school threaten to expose his newly secret He is in between breaking down and giving up Once his teachers notice they send him to the one place he tries to avoid The Guidance Counselor Hit 2.22k on 2/21/2017 ( birthday🎉) Hit 4.27k on 4/4/2017 Hit 6.05k on 4/20/2017 Hit 8.08k o...

  • Wounded - Destiel AU
    23.3K 1K 7

    Castiel Novak and Dean Wincheter lead normal lives until they were sent to fight in the Battle of Shiloh. When Castiel gets lost, he stumbles upon Dean and they become good fiends. Eventually, more than good friends. But life takes a turn and things have to be done.

  • Liar (Destiel)
    157K 7.8K 25

    Dean has a past nobody knows about. He's broken. Everybody believe they know everything about Castiel. But they don't. Castiel has more secrets than he should, keeping up his popular punk boy reputation. Dean hates the Novak's. So Castiel doesn't tell him he's a part of the family. But if there's one thing Dean hates...

  • Touch |•| Destiel
    40.3K 3.1K 21

    [completed] I love him... but I can't touch him... •ghost!cas• •human!dean• -a fic created at like 2 am so expect some weird shit-

  • Don't let me go ( Destiel AU )
    100K 4.2K 21

    Dean and Sam move again, new school, new house and two vampire nests nearby. The usual. But Dean's world changes when he saves a boy with blue eyes and a trench coat. Will they be brave enough to tell each other their feelings? And what will happen when John finds out his son, the one he is so proud of, is gay? ***War...

  • Song of the Heart (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer)
    105K 6.8K 19

    Musician AU!!! :D Gabriel, Castiel, Michael and Lucifer. Also known as Heaven's Grace, a well known band that became popular after writing a world wide hit several years ago. Sam and Dean. Fans of Heaven's Grace. Dean would write his own covers of their songs, and Sam was always encouraging him to do more with his mu...

  • Say you love me. (Destiel)
    25.5K 966 10

  • Eager Wings (Destiel)
    151K 6.6K 27

    Now that Cas is human, some things are a lot harder to do, but it has is plus sides. Feelings, for one thing, are both pleasant and not pleasant, except when they involve Dean. Nor Dean, Cas or Sam know whether Cas will ever get his grace back, and what is going on with Metatron in heaven. Luckily, they get some help...