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  • Susan Was Always First
    6.8K 392 34

    Susan was always the first... But who knew it wasn't always the best?

  • She Dreamed of Paradise ❈ Suspian
    5.2K 249 31

    Narnia AU; Susan is a completely ordinary girl, that is until she wishes upon a star and gets transported into the fictional world inside her favourite book. While searching for a way home, one thing becomes clear; you must be careful what you wish for.

    Completed   Mature
  • Memories
    19.5K 557 20

    This my friends, is the epic love story of Prince Caspian. After Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy left for the second time, things began to fall into order in Narnia. Caspian became king, and the land was at peace. After several months Aslan suggests that Caspian take in a wife to produce an heir. After the couple is...

  • The Journey Ahead ( A Narnia Love Story)
    7.5K 174 15

    When Caspian has to flee the castle because of an attempted murder, Charlotte, at the professor's request, has to make sure he stays alive. What happens when Caspian blows Queen Susan's horn and the Kings and Queens of Old return? Nothing they have ever know will stay the same. Everything is about to change. *Long Cha...

  • Finding the Queen of Old
    34.7K 1K 25

    Finding Susan. Finding the Queen that forgot her kingdom. That was the goal of her siblings, friends, and the man who loves her. The journey takes Edmund and Lucy back to a land they left, one Caspian could only imagine. But when they find her, will she be what they remember? And how will they deal with the aftermath...

  • Nothing Can Come Between Us (2)
    8.2K 293 10

    (SECOND STORY IN THE 'BETWEEN US' SERIES) Caspian and Susan are happily married, but that isn't the end to their story. They will face many more sunshiny days, but also many more stormy nights. But through it all, the good and the bad, their love never breaks.

  • The Valley Between Us (1)
    13.4K 491 7

    (FIRST STORY IN THE 'BETWEEN US' SERIES) Under certain circumstances Aslan has allowed Peter and Susan to return to Narnia and live there permanently along with Edmund and Lucy. Susan is overjoyed to see Caspian again, until she finds out he's engaged to Lilliandil. Now she's heart broken and wishes she'd stayed in E...

  • Love In Narnia (Prince Caspian and Susan)
    77.5K 2.5K 32

    We all know there was something between Caspian and Susan. But it didn't last. She had to leave Narnia and never return because she had learned everything she could from it. But what would happen if the siblings returned? What will happen to Narnia? What will come of Caspian and Susan? You may just think that the sibl...