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  • Kik ≫ septiplier
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    "but hey you're cute" "thank you i guess?" "you're welcome ;)" "don't wink at me" ";););););)" "oh god" or where jack accidentally texts mark and decides to get to know him better, in reality, jack can't seem to get the poor boy off his mind [HIGHEST RANK: 37 in Fanfiction] ~ 9-27-16

  • Colors (bxb) [DISCONTINUED]
    213K 12.8K 39

    「And now I'm covered in the colors, Pulled apart at the seams」 Kristopher Simmons is sixteen-years-old and slaving through his Junior year of high school. Being a closeted gay, as well as having chromesthesia, can be tough on it's own - but coupled with the usual teenage woes, and it's nothing short of torture. Hiding...

  • Lemons
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  • Mercurim
    2.1K 90 5

    The year is 2134, fuel for ships and transports has become increasingly scarce, and gasoline is on the verge of non existence. During this year, the Americans have discovered something amazing. Over years of research on the know worlds, astronomer Dr. Baker had found a substance on the surface of planet mercury. That...

  • That Redneck (Daryl Dixon love story from The walking dead/TWD)
    5.1M 131K 128

    One infection causes the society to crumble like a cookie. No military, no economy, no leaders, nothing. No one is coming to save you, no one is there to help. Everyday is a struggle for Mariah Beckon, her adopted brother and sister not making it any easier. When the trio cross paths with a group from Atlanta, she m...

  • Funny Texts and Jokes
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    Just a bunch of funny texts and jokes. I've gotten them online and offline.

  • The Sunlight Sprints
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    It's been four years since the Rapture. All the good people in the world have already been taken up to Heaven, leaving only the Wicked behind. In this post apocalyptic world, the sun appears for only a few hours each day, with darkness dominating most of the time. In almost every major city in the United States, organ...

  • Memories
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    After a brutal car accident josh gets taken through his best memories to relieve the pain.

  • Fairy Tale My A$$
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    ♛Wattpad Featured Story♛ The retelling of Cinderella through the eyes of the (cynical and perverted) pumpkin that became the carriage. ▶There is strong language in this story.◀

  • Fallout 3: The Return (A Fallout 3 fanfic)
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    I'm a big fan of Fallout 3 so i decided to create a Fanfiction for it. In this there are some differences about what happens when the lone wanderer returns to the vault. It also involves the relationship between The lone wanderer and Amata. note: I'm calling the lone wanderer "Benjamin" so I don't have to write "The l...