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  • Gravity Falls On Crack
    1.8K 118 15

    In which Dipper thinks he's a fuck boy, Bill thinks he's a bigger fuck boy, but Mabel is the one sending dick pics. I'm kidding. This whole story is a joke, so don't take any of it to seriously. Also it's 4 in the morning as I post this Enjoy!

  • How Charming {Boyf Riends Soulmate AU}
    64.4K 2.5K 8

    When every child is born, the are gifted a charm. This charm will either exactly match or be the other half of another child's charm. No one knows how or why these charms do what they do, but no one is willing to question the power of the charms. These charms will lead you to the person you are destined to spend the r...

  • Boyf Riends One Shots(Discontinued)
    220K 3.8K 61

    Sometimes fluffy sometimes angsty · · · And some smutty

  • Boyf riends (Be more chill)
    46.5K 1.3K 21

    What happens when your best friend takes a pill that makes him "cool"? Or your best bro becomes your boyfriend? Find out what the school is hiding and what will happen to our Broadway boys.

  • Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots
    1.2M 72.5K 202

    Evan Hansen X Connor Murphy, along with Jeremy Heere X Michael Mell. If you message me, I'll gladly do Jared X Evan! #24 in fan fiction (12/24) #1 in One Shots The story is finished, but I write everyday on my other story, so go check it out! Art cover was created by @naturesbluebonsai

  • Bonding: A Boyf Riends Fanfiction [Completed]
    147K 6.9K 37

    Highest Ranking: #1 in #jeremyxmichael Jeremy is looking for something fun to do and signs up for a school-sponsored bonding trip to an amusement park with his best friend Michael and his girlfriend Christine. On the first day, Christine overhears a secret that could change Michael and Jeremy's friendship forever. Wha...

  • Two player game ( one shots)
    9K 404 19

    a bunch of bmc one shots.

  • I'd Pause My Game For You (Michael x Jeremy BMC)
    200K 6.5K 42

    [Highest ranking: #1 on #jeremyxmichael] "I love him..." After the final scene of "Be More Chill," Jeremy is with Christine. Even so, Michael will never give up his feelings for Jeremy. Any pictures I do not claim my own are made by someone else and creds to the artist... Copyright 2017

  • Treebros Oneshots (connorxevan)
    51.2K 2.2K 27

    just a bunch of different au stories, some may be cliche as hell but here we go.

  • Gumball's Misfortune
    72.3K 2.7K 12

    Gumball is forced to attend Candy High; a school made for Special kids with Special talents. Gumball's hate for his life can't be measured, especially if you add Marshall Lee to the mix! To Marshall, the young rock star, Gumball is his new source of entertainment. How will Gumball cope with his new environment? And wh...

  • You Are All My Happiness (Gumlee)
    408K 15.1K 35

    Everyone's in human form! No special abilities! Just humans.

  • A guy that i'd kinda be into| boyf riends bmc
    109K 4.2K 14

    When Rich sets a fire and burns down the house, what happens to Michael in the bathroom? art isn't mine unless I say so *completed The sequel to this is called "is it worth it" so if you liked this and want to know what happens in between the last chapter and some time after, please check it out!

  • Abandoned (Boyf riends story)
    59.9K 2.5K 10

    BE MORE CHILL IS AWESOME!!! Leaving Micheal in the bathroom was a jerk move and Jeremy knows it. He can't stand leaving his buddy alone, he knows about the anxiety Micheal can have. He knows what Micheal has been thinking, or does he? Be More Chill characters belongs to Ned Vizzini Songs belong to Jon Iconis

  • We Need to Be More Chill
    175K 9.4K 72

    Headcanons, One-shots, and Drabbles ___ in which admin may and I need to be more chill. enjoy our hectic conversations brought to writing -admin becca ___ Credits to: jam-campasta and arieryn (both on tumblr) for the art used in the cover :))

  • BMC and DEH Oneshots! [END]
    177K 7.8K 423

    {cover by: marzsie} A collection of BMC and DEH oneshots! Contains: Boyf riends Treebros Kleinsen Richjake And my favorite: trilogies! What are they? Well, you'll have to find out in this installment of BMC and DEH oneshots!

  • Dear Evan Hansen One Shots // Treebros
    229K 5.5K 44

    Treebros one shots based off of Dear Evan Hansen; " all we see is sky; "

  • Camp Revolutionary [COMPLETE]
    181K 9.3K 25

    •AU Modern Lams• What better way to get rid of your kid for three months than summer camp? That's exactly what's going through the mind of John Laurens' father. It's not like John WANTED to come here-but maybe this place has some benefits. Accepting people, great friends, a free t-shirt, and a really cute guy... CATHE...

  • oneshots??
    201K 3.4K 58

    Oneshots. (+ drawings and shit about my sad life) Will mainly be focused on Be More Chill, with a few other musicals mixed in sometimes as well.

  • Broken {Starco}
    4.4M 65.7K 59

    This Story and Cover is made by: anomalyah on Tumblr Highest Ranking: #2 Fanfiction

  • The Demon's Soul [Sample]
    9.8M 171K 15

    She leaned down to look inside the well and sighed. Tucking back her hair behind her ear as the evening wind blew. "I told you not to be a curious cat," she scolded looking at the well to receive a small 'meow' from it. Her cat had stepped on the edge of the well no matter how many times she placed it back on the grou...

  • ♡the Club♡ (Septiplier)
    1.6M 42.7K 18

    Sean has escaped an abusive prison of a relation ship but now he is homeless and has no where to go. He finds a help wanted sign for a new club called 'paradise' that is owned by the goergous Mark.

  • Best friends? Egobang ||Re-edited||
    34.5K 1.1K 32

    Arin and Danny have had a strong friendship for many years, but what if Arin starts to feel... Different? Will Daniel feel the same way? Or will Arin be rejected? Read to find out more!! ||I think the last time I ever wrote on this story it was about 2016? I've decided to edit it and fix all the shitty grammar mistake...