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  • them • kakegurui x female reader
    197K 10.4K 60

    finished the one where y/n isn't a cheating btch. rated m purposely lowercase • you've come to the academy with rumors going left and right. all you wanted was to stay above a housepet and stick among the living until graduation, which feels like forever away, but somehow you caught the attention of the high girls- th...

  • Under Their Command
    87.4K 2.5K 24

    Mary loses a bet to Yumeko and Ririka, the two were now in complete control of her life.

    Completed   Mature
  • Kakegurui [One-Shots and Scenarios]
    2M 51.5K 217

    These book does not follow the manga, but only the two seasons on Netflix. This book is finished and undergoing editing! I do not own Kakegurui. This is a GXG with the following characters ⬇ Yumemi Yumemite Kirari Momobami Itsuki Sumeragi Runa Yomozuki Yumeko Jabami Midari Ikishima Sayaka Igarashi Meari Saotome Rei...

  • Yandere Yuri Oneshots (Requests Closed For Now)
    863K 13.8K 61

    Yandere Female x FEMALE Reader. I do NOT own any of the characters or art in this book!

  • MGE X READER (One-Shot Smuts)~
    519K 5.7K 27

    i said i would bring you monster girls and so here it is! monster girl encyclopedia one-shots! what kind of monster girls will you see in this book? READ AND FIND OUT!

  • Monster
    41K 3.8K 11

    Another martyr? No, a monster. ~~~ Males have tormented the females for too long. History has been steeped in despair and females have paid the price. A reckoning is coming and with it, destruction. Beware the monster you have created.

  • Just You and Monika.
    90.7K 2.8K 19

    You have been obsessing over this game since it's release. What disappointed you the most, is there was no way to get Monika regularly. However, when Monika stepped in, deleted the rest to leave you and her alone, you actually felt happy. Now you can talk with Monika for as long as you want, whenever you want. Eventua...

  • Vision (gxg)
    31.6K 1.7K 5

    in which a blind woman falls in love with a very gay modern medusa (Copyright © 2018 by vanillaVDE)

  • RWBY Harem x Fem! White tiger faunus! Reader
    400K 7.5K 31

    Y/N is a white tiger faunus that travels to beacon. Once she gets there she makes plenty of friends, but what she doesn't realize is that she attracts plenty of lovers as well. What will happen when they confront her? Will Y/N accept their feelings? Or will she deny them? I do not own RWBY, it belongs to Monty Oum and...

    Completed   Mature
  • MGE x Reader One-shots [Completed]
    300K 3.1K 28

    This book is completed and if you liked the content here, please wait for the new book that I'll announce.

    Completed   Mature
  • Night Owls and Summer Skies [Formerly Camp Mapplewood]
    577K 20.4K 38

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Finished high school, Emma's forced to spend her summer at a camp. But a striking counsellor, Vivian, changes her plans from escape to together forever. ***** Seventeen-year-old Emma Lane usually lives with her dad, but she...

  • let us help you
    235K 5.5K 38

    bella's mom died in labor and her dad blames her. since her moms deaths, bella's dad has been distant and uncaring. as bella grew oder, charlie became abusive. by the time bella is a senior in high school, charlie is physically abusive. when the cullens move to bella's town they turn bellas world upside down. two cull...

  • shaving joji | joji miller
    1.6K 47 3

    a razor and it's endeavors

  • how high » b eilish
    254K 4.7K 49

    (lowkey on hold rn) a collection of gxg fluff & smut imagines; each idea is based off one of Billie or Finneas' songs, or one upon request (: "hi, I just wanna say that I love you with all my heart." "dude, how high are you?" property of @hollywxxdfxrever on Wattpad.

  • The Fox and The Cat (Lesbian Story, OLD)
    212K 10.6K 44

    (Remake is in the works. Mikky is a Lattamer, which is a person with cat ears and a tail. Humans think they are demons, but they aren't. In Mikky's case, she's had a rough past and been cursed for greed. She used to steal for herself...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pup
    149K 6.7K 36

    After being held captive most of her life and receiving daily beatings, (Y/N) and her wolf have lost themselves. They've learned trust must be earned, not given. So when a mysterious lady with red glowing eyes comes to her rescue, what will she do?

    Completed   Mature
  • A Mother's Love
    215K 6.8K 39

    After a rocky relationship between your mother Lauren Jauregui and you, you try to reconnect with her. Will you let her into your life, or give up? Lauren/You All rights reserved ® LaurenMJauregui_96 ™ 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • Immortal (Demon AU)
    216K 7.2K 38

    Lauren Jauregui thought she was the only one of her kind in the entire world. What happens when she meets a pretty girl with the same eerie eyes and same instinct to hunt as her?

  • songs about lauren | camren non-au
    22.8K 966 1

    prompt: Camila's iCloud gets hacked and a folder called "Songs About Lauren" is leaked with songs that are well, about Lauren (i saw this at 5hfanfic, but I can't remember all the songs they wanted on the fic)

  • Magnetic North {Laurmani}
    2.4K 128 1

    They've only talked about what this thing between them is once before, and Lauren had said everything Normani was thinking, in words only slightly different than her own. So Normani had pulled the sheet over them, shielding them from the rest of the world, and kissed Lauren's soft smile.

    Completed   Mature
  • Numb
    1.5K 96 1

    "It doesn't hurt anymore Camila," Lauren whispered, stopping Camila's heart. "Wh-what?" "Dying doesn't hurt. It's peaceful." Warnings: Shooting, death, and Camren (but not Camren). Oneshot Posted: January 9, 2018

  • heart on your sleeve
    64.2K 2.6K 6

    she has one friend though. lauren. and lauren's nice. camila likes lauren. sometimes, camila might even think she loves her.

  • The Perfect Two (Lauren/You)
    110K 4.5K 13

    One evening Y/N saves a helpless green eyed kittens life. Little does she know, that her life will change forever. What will happen when this sweet creature magically turns into a human? "I don't know what love is!" "Let me show you"

  • Don't Test Me (Camren ft. Lucy)
    5.8K 110 1

    *Explicit Content* ONE-SHOT Camila and Lauren get into a bit of a fight. Laucy ensues. Camila gets incredibly jealous, and decides to take back whats hers. (Disclaimer: Not a threesome).

  • Addicted
    228K 5.3K 22

    A chance encounter at Lauren's work place is all that's needed to thrust her into a world she denied herself for so long. And with one taste, she's already addicted.

  • Puppy
    5.9K 380 1

    Who needs a puppy when you have Lauren? One Shot Posted: August 17, 2017

  • Color- Fifth Harmony
    4.5K 394 8

    Lauren is blind, which means that she has never seen color in her life. In this short story you can read how she's still able to "see" colors through the help of her 4 friends. Short chapters that form a story with a slight plot. If you want to know, just go & read it♡ Cover is made by @SLOTHTATO

  • you make me sick (for being so perfect)
    5.2M 153K 82

    Lauren Jauregui is a lot of things. She's caring, she's intelligent and she's beautiful. But Camila Cabello doesn't notice those things when she and Lauren first come into contact. Camila notices her nervous ticks, and how she refuses to look at her, and how she never furthers conversation. At first, Camila takes that...

  • Test Subjects (Camren)
    4M 66.8K 32

    Lauren & Camila, struggling with their sex life in their marriage, offer to be test subjects for a therapist's new book 30 Ways in 30 Days. 5HFanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Inside
    494K 18.7K 97

    All Lauren had was the box over her head and the wet bread on the ground. All she wanted was a family to call her own. Age play Warning: This story is nowhere near as dark as the first chapter makes it out to be. Rated M Because of Language. F-Word thrown around a lot. Started: April 16, 2017 #23 in Austin Mahone