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  • Poem
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    Mianite poem, interpret it as you will

  • Five Nights at Team Crafted's
    300K 9.9K 17

    Tyler, just out of High school, needs a job that'll pay well. He finds one in the most unexpected place. $100 a night to work as a security guard at a small amusement park called Team Crafted. A theme park he has visited many times within his childhood. However, never once did he think during his childhood that there...

  • Zodiac signs
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    Everything and anything about your zodiac sign whether it be stereotypes Or real accurate facts, Who knows? What is your sign? I tried to be all deep and shit but it didn't work :/ *~Some are from Tumblr and some I made up myself~*

  • Tainted Balance
    24.5K 932 24

    Jordan had always only wanted to serve His Lady Ianite. He followed every order to the best of his abilities, tried to keep the balance, and just tried to serve his goddess as best he could. But one day, Ianite gives him a strange task involving.. The Taint. Now the balance has been broken by the ones made to keep it...

  • First Year in the New World
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    Amanda and Piper just graduated from college and are the bestest of friends.They are beginning their lives as adults and are getting prepared to face the challenges life has planned for them, but they only want to do it together.Are they ready for lifes challenges?

  • Picture Perfect: A CaptainSparklez Story {COMPLETE}
    94.2K 2.9K 23

    Carietta Diamond lived a troubled life, desperate to get away from a horrible past. Out of fear, she runs off to California to stay with her older sister Ruby Chrome, who has offered to take her in. When one of Carrie's freelance photography sessions ends with her taking a photo of famous YouTuber CaptainSparklez, h...

  • Adopted by YouTubers (A Minecraft Youtuber and Team Crafted Fan Fic) [Watty's 2014]
    194K 4.8K 57

    [Morgan Freeman voice] Once upon a time, in a magical world called Seattle, a boy is made. But this isn't your average boy. His parents die in a car crash, then he is put in a orphanage. 10 years later, some YouTubers adopt him. This story is about that boy's crazy life. Will he live? Will he die? Will it be EGGselent...