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  • SKIN- XXXtentacion Love Story
    88K 4.2K 36

    "Offense or defense, passive or violent I'll cut my wrists till my heartbeat is silent With the shell in my hand I'm equipped with the pump Shots in her body until she is a stump" I love her so much it hurts

  • Different
    72.3K 3.7K 76

    "You're mine". Started; February 2017 Ended; August 2018 RIP Jahseh ❤️.

    Completed   Mature
  • I dont wanna do this anymore
    35.2K 1.5K 35

    She was the new girl wit a dark past and a even darker future He was the the boy with dark life can he light up her life before his own takes them both down

  • Looking For a Star ~XXXTentacion
    26.1K 1.4K 31

    Jordyn Banks is your average good girl- a straight-A student, kind, and liked by almost everyone. Everything changes when she is forced to move schools and is way out of her comfort zone. From the day Jordyn meets Jahseh Onfroy, she leaves nearly everything behind.

  • Taken (book 1)
    110K 5.6K 47

    One any other night where jasmine thought she was safe walking in the dark.

  • Mental
    67.6K 3.8K 37

    Come to find out?

  • they think i'm insane;mileven
    24.9K 903 22

    "- november 24th, 1985 it's been two years now. two years since eleven disappeared, and mike still wasn't going to give up on her any time soon. "

  • what is love.
    47.6K 992 19

    {MILEVEN} UPDATE: this is from 2016 it's very bad... i know

  • •Mileven•
    5K 179 30

    As Eleven is stuck in the upside down ((my version of season 2)) she somehow grows connection with the thoughts of Mike and his three friends, yet she doesn't realize it even after it has been a year later. As she can read Mike's plans through his train of thought, it produces for her new ideas and as well tricks of e...

  • Instagram // finn wolfhard
    2.5K 32 6

    who knew a social media platform would bring us together ? ❤️

  • I Wouldn't Mind- Stranger Things
    47K 1.2K 31

    Everyone had given up on El but Mike still had hope. Will was still scared Max was new Dustin and Lucas were in love El was missing That Halloween everything changed (Written before Season 2) *Completed (has sequel)*

  • her⁕mileven
    27.4K 862 25

    This is my first book, please bare that in mind. -SLOW UPDATES- This book gets better later on, but when I can I will go back and edit chapters to make them better and well written x

  • promise; mileven
    38.1K 1.2K 16

    Eleven's been gone fornearly two years now, but Mike won't give up finding her and believes she's still alive, after all he made a promise. ♡ Can Mike find Eleven if so will she ever get a new teenage life? Note: I made this book before stranger things season 2 so these were my predictions on what happened after she...

  • Nightmares •Mileven•
    2K 36 11

    "Mike. Why didn't you save me. You promised."

  • 011 ~ A Mileven Fanfic
    92K 3.4K 43

    "You're either going to need to find a new gravity or learn how to fall apart." // thank you @cinnamon-lin for the beautiful cover

  • I've Already Told You Everything // Stranger Things
    25.9K 850 15

    Mike Wheeler: 18 years old. Works a uninteresting job at a dive restaurant not far from his home. No more than 10 people enter the restaurant a day. But, one day, out of those slim 10 people, a familiar face stumbles through the doors.

  • Pen Pal ✉ j.s au
    50.6K 2.5K 49

    sometimes, a class project can turn into a little something more.

  • Bad ( A Zach Clayton Fanfic)
    133K 2.1K 33

    When Kiara moves to Texas She meets zach but is he really as bad as he seems ?

  • Muser groupchat
    16.6K 330 14

    Jasmine is an internet famous teen who lives in New York with her mom and younger sister apart from being famous her life is pretty average but one day will everything change when she gets a notification saying you've been added to "Lit groupchat 🔥" .............

  • Younowers Groupchat
    9.2K 154 8

    *You've been added to a groupchat*

  • Bullied by Zach Clayton
    29.4K 599 14

    Hailee moves to Round Rock Texas and goes to school there for the first time. She moves into the neighborhood where 5Quad lives She meets them and they start being friends but Zach doesn't like her So when it comes to school She ends up getting pared up to do a project with Zach But things start to change when they h...

  • Side hoe |Zach Clayton|
    14.5K 248 9

    Zach had many hoe's but she was something else

  • [Instagram] • zrc
    21.8K 408 29

    she's my instabae

  • nothing at all || z.c
    10K 245 20

    give me something... more than nothing... nothing at all. (lowercase intended)

  • groupchat; younow||
    33.3K 493 36

    included: Weston Koury Mario Selman Blake Gray Zach Clayton (Bruhitszach) Mark Thomas (Duhitzmark) Nathan Triska Hunter Rowland More Later on... I hope everyone enjoys :)

  • Texting // Younow
    44K 978 24

    just read it! Also this is just a simple clean book :)

  • typing.. | hannie
    11.6K 190 8

    "we still up for that date tonight leeah?" "who are you?" "what do you mean? do you not remember yesterday?" "i don't know who you are.. block my number pls" in which a country girl meets a city guy over text, what will happen?

  • once a bully now a lover (Hannie Story)
    63.9K 1K 43

    Annie became very depressed after Caleb died and her parents don't know what to do cause she won't talk to anyone she only eats sometimes and she only comes out of her room to use the bathroom and go to school but at school hayden starts bulling her everyday until he realizes he likes her what happens next?

  • Adventures at CAMP | HANNIE
    16.9K 292 18

    Adventures at CAMP (NOT EDITED YET) Annie Leblanc likes to spend her summer time sneaking out with her "bad girl group" friends. But this summer, she ends up getting sent to Camp Woodman. She meet some friends and pranksters on the way. Will she end up falling in love?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 💫Angelica🔥 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~