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  • Gold Blooded
    800 92 22

    ❝Hello, my names Asher and welcome to the world of the Gold Blooded and we've been bounded together by fate. Yes, you seem to have sold your soul to the devil, quite literally. Except, I get it for free.❞ *** Asher Carter Guardian-H...

  • The Hidden Gifted
    772 40 23

    High School. A word everyone dreads at some part of their lives because of the social system that exists there. But it's even worse when you have to keep secrets from everyone and befriend your ex-friends just to make sure the secret doesn't get out. Sixteen individual were best friends when they were younger...

  • His Tattoos
    488 94 4

    Not every tattoo tells of a party or drunken night, but not every tattoo tells a happy story either. Most of these tattoos are nowhere near regretting. Each story is told through writing on his skin. Each tattoo like a delicate painting told an analogy, a poem, or a story. On his neck was a story, his fingers...

  • Hidden in a Cave
    35 7 1

    One of those moments in this incarnation we call Life.

    Completed   Mature
  • Alive
    1.3K 442 6

    Highest ranking: #286 In Mystery/Thriller (3rd August, 2017) 3rd place winner of The Quill Awards 2017 (Short Story) Roaming around late at night in a dangerous neighborhood isn't really the smartest thing for a teenager to do. But some lessons have to be learnt the hard way. Cover Credits: @caspette

  • Dark Clouds and More Darkness
    230 51 4

    The average experience of an individual's life overwhelmed by the dark passenger residing within them.

  • Supernatural Sisters
    10.6K 891 40

    Heather and Dana are sisters. One day their father unemplainably dies. Their mother vanishes into thin air. One day while they were packing up their dads stuff they came across a book they had never seen before. It had their fathers initials on the front of it. Opening up the book the sisters saw some weird looking a...

  • Dead Silence
    931 198 17

    Highest rank - #197 in science fiction "Because I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality" Emily Dickinson **Summary inside**

  • The Hierarchy ✔️
    62.8K 3.2K 41

    Obey or Die. Morgan belongs to a war-torn puritan village of left behind women and girls, some having gone their entire lives without seeing more than a handful of men. That all changes when the soldiers land in the harbor. The men are welcomed by the village's First Lady, who warns them that the women are not to be d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unordinary
    971 194 19

    "I don't think I can return your feeling. I'm just a human and you can't expect me to feel something for you so suddenly." Park Soo Min has led quite a normal life this far. All that she has to do all day is watch out for magical creatures. Why? Because she is a sighter. Her life is plunged into utter chaos when Anto...

  • Realms of Passion (Under Construction/ Editing)
    566 90 6

    21 year old Stacey has her own reasons to relocate. All she has is a crumbled note with an address, leading her to a handsome young man. Little did they know, they were supposed to cross paths. Sometimes, love is blind. Sometimes, love robs any rationality left in someone. One of them will experience the pain of betr...

  • 1.1 | loving mayhem
    235K 5.5K 28

    [ featured @mystery @romance @dangerouslove ] Caprice del Fuego is the untouchable queen. She is rich, smart, and fierce but what she wants the most is freedom. When her grandmother offered her a deal, she accepted. And she will do anything to win. Nothing can stop her, not even love. Colt Luciente is the god of deat...

  • The Forbidden Island
    510 72 9

    Highest rank- #25 in horror - 16th October'17 This story is based on the 'Poveglia Island' in the Venetian Lagoon Italy and it is the most haunted place on earth. There are 2 trios in this story. They have some reasons to go on that Island but no reason to go together but they got together in the end. Other than hor...

  • Maybe One Day
    253 59 8

    my thoughts and feelings are too much for me to handle © All Rights Reserved 2016

  • Sarah Who? [On Hold] [Unedited]
    1.5K 281 11

    " Life is not as straightforward as it seems to be on first glance... you just have to be careful that when you stumble, you don't bring the whole world down with you..." A young orphan named Sarah has a very dangerous secret. A secret that could very easily cost her her life, if ever discovered. But it WILL be discov...

  • Riptide
    768 175 13

    I stood at the edge of the pier, watching as the waves fiercely crashed against each other. Salt water sprayed on the cement, drenching the bottom of my frayed jeans. I was thousands of miles away from home - yet still, my heart was content. For the first time in months, I felt truly happy. ...

  • You call this fate?
    12K 1.7K 55

    'You call this fate' has won: 1st place in BLUE ROSE AWARDS 2017 (Action) 1st place in THE PURPLE APPLE AWARDS 2017 (General fiction) The One and Only Award in the RARITY AWARDS (General fiction) 3rd place in THE PUPPET AWARDS 2017 (that was when my genre was mystery/thriller. I believe general fiction fits my story...

  • Off limits - UNEDITED
    1.8K 101 43

    ** Restricted chapters containing explicit scenes will be published separately so this story can remain accessible to everyone. ** Contains mild violence, course language, sexual themes and references. Come on an adventure through Northside High with Katie. Katie is your average teen complete with a cliche crush on h...