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  • Coltrane & Noelle | ✓
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    a short story about two hearts colliding into one; breaking in process.

  • Different Sides Of Town
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    "A nice girl like you shouldn't be in this kind of neighbourhood," a voice warned. I turned around and saw Hayden leaning against the brick wall of a run down house. He looked incredibly hot with his dark jeans and black leather jacket hanging over his naked chest. He took a drag from the cigarette between his finge...

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    --Winner of the Teen Fiction Awards: Voice Category (hosted by @youngadultreads) --HIGHEST RANKING: #15 Science Fiction 3/28/2017 --A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Wattpad Novel Two girls. Two separate lives. Two different sides of the same coin. Elayne Woodson always thought she was just an ordinary girl. Like everyone else her a...

  • Their Paradox #Wattys2017
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    She's been hurt Branded by the scars of her past love So to move on? It feels as if that will only happen once eternity passes, once she can forget the Smiles Forget the laughs. Her own isolation drives her mad until she can no longer feel No longer bring herself to move. So she stops. And sooner or later. She not onl...