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  • Mommy's Pretty Kitty
    16.5K 789 35

    THE SEQUEL TO PINK BUT PUNK, MY KITTEN. miss Bianca del rio, a rich business woman with the best babygirl to spoil with love and nice things that she deserves. miss adore Delano, a well kept stripper with the best momma to keep her safe and loved, and to buy her nice things.

  • The Baby
    107K 4.1K 65

    Harry is in 5th year when something goes terribly wrong. Harry gets drunk at a 5th-year party and wakes up in bed with Draco Malfoy. He leaves before the blonde has a chance to wake up and doesn't say a word to anybody. What makes matters worse is that after a couple of weeks pregnancy signs start to show. •65 Chapter...

    Completed   Mature
  • Disappointing Father (drarry)
    56K 1.8K 30

    When Draco Malfoy is in year 6 he knew that he wasn't going to do what the dark lord said there for he was most likely going to die there for he decided to make his last year a good one! So ignoring the dark mark and there Malfoy Image it's Time to throw way "Malfoy" and bring Draco on to the scene showing his real se...

    Completed   Mature
  • After the War
    13.8K 483 17

    a very very sweet and fluffy drarry story that happens in eighth year it will be cute! there might be angst but most will be sweet and cute characters might be ooc art is not mine! and all of the characters go to the wonderful jk rowling

  • Me and My PlayMaker (Chyan)
    56.4K 2.1K 29

    This is a Chyan AU, it follows the majority of the actual plot of the HSM series but something's are mixed around, this takes place somewhere between the first and second movies Ryan Evans is one of the only openly gay guys at East High, singling him out greatly in most things. But when the Wild Cats start to come to...

  • The warlock and the frog
    104K 6.1K 17

    When Merlin and Arthur decide to go on a hunting trip Arthur is turned into a frog; from then on everything goes spectacularly wrong - but the dragon has never laughed so hard in his life. Warning: merthur (I don't own Merlin) Completed!!

  • The CEO's Kryptonite (boyxboy) ✓
    5.3M 211K 57

    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" •• Christian Ivonov, CEO of Ivonov enterprises, had always been the best at fucking things up. Whether it be relationships, or company connections, nothing was too far out of his reach to ruin. Alexander Hamilton had always been the best at fixing things. Computers...

  • 𝐑𝐈𝐕𝐀𝐋𝐒 ⟶ 𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧.
    177K 6.7K 34

    ❛ hit me with your best shot! ❜ the two biggest boybands in the world were at odds, until harry styles and louis tomlinson bridged the gap. ❨ harry styles x louis tomlinson. ❩

  • Instagram Family | Niam
    266K 6.9K 170

    Niall and Liam Payne. Both in their mid-twenties and happy with their little son Aiden. They met and fell in love over Instagram,but not only them,some other people too. But read and find out. [ that's the sequel to my book "Instagram Love" so go on my account and read that first if you haven't already ]

  • Instagram love...(NIAM)
    236K 5.2K 110

  • 1+1 Makes 3 | Niam
    217K 9.3K 57

    A seemingly innocent one night stand. That's all it was meant to be. A one night stand. A casual fling. That ends up as something... More. More being a surprise that binds these two strangers together for the next eighteen years. ******** More... It's strange how something so unexpected, imperfectly perfect can...

    28.3K 395 12

    The teenage dorks of the MCU have made it to Instagram... The title ig lol and since this doesn't really have a plot line most of the chapters will seem like a very tired person wrote them, which yeah, happened ; just a heads up :) Top rank: 1# in petermj Cover Creds: Joleanart

  • The Senator's Wife
    206 4 3

    Vanessa was a hitman. (Hitwoman?) Vanessa was the bad guy, who was very good at what she did. So when Robert Jamison, the Senator for the state of California, was up for re-election and needed something to put him out front, he decided to look Vanessa up.

  • Fighting Fire With Fire
    1.8M 88.6K 54

    Wrestling team captains Max Desera and Axel Cortés must settle their long-standing rivalry - but a different kind of fire may ignite between them. ***** The school decides it will only keep one of its two male wrestling teams, adding fire to the cut...

  • En Pointe (Derek Morgan X Spencer Reid High School Ballet Dancer AU)
    18.9K 629 14

    Derek Morgan is captain of the football team, and hangs out with the popular crowd. Spencer Reid goes to the same high school, but hangs with a different crowd. Penelope Garcia is best friend to them both, and has a plan that neither were expecting. Forewarning: I suck at summaries, but I promise that this is worth...

  • The Bodyguard
    6.8M 225K 51

    Playboy billionaire Aiden Grayson is being blackmailed and when he meets his handsome new bodyguard, Julian, he's slowly overcome by feelings he can't deny. ***** Aiden Grayson is a child of privilege. He's a bachelor and a billionaire who's never h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Final Fight
    104K 2.6K 5

    When Volt drops a full school bus over the side of a bridge that is going over the Hudson River Spiderman does everything in his power to save them. But will he be able to save them without fatally injuring or even killing himself? Please review! This is my first ever fanfiction! I do not own any of the characters inc...

  • tyrus oneshots
    96.3K 2.9K 24

    "You're not moving," he breathed out, not even bothering to hide his glances down at TJ's lips. The other boy noticed this, smiling slightly and bringing a hand up to cup the side of Cyrus' face. "Neither are you," he murmured back. ~ A collection of tyrus oneshots, mostly fluff with some mild angst. {All with happy e...

  • branjie
    566 9 1

    i dont see many stories about branjie so here you go lol its kinda shit but swagg

  • Famous meets standard
    184 9 1

    -Multi chapter story. -All Branjie About how a famous movie maker stumbles across a cute hairdresser. ♥

  • Merthur AU
    139K 4.5K 19

    This is just a little cutesy merthur fic. I'm writing on it whenever I have time, and it contains merthur fluff and smut.

  • 𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐒 || ‣ mileven/fillie
    259K 8.2K 132

    "promise?" "promise."

  • stranger things on instagram
    1K 23 5

    basically the stranger things gang using Instagram! this is mainly written for my own entertainment

  • instagram- millie bobby brown
    135K 3.7K 45

    when a celebrity falls for a small town girl.

  • Finding My Puzzle Piece
    16.2K 460 51

    ~*~This is a collaboration with @xxxFALLEN___angelxxx. I am really excited about this!~*~ Bianca and Katya are completely in love with Adore and Trixie respectively. When they get the balls to admit that Adore and Trixie shock them both. A story of longing and kicking yourself for not saying how they feel before. ~*~...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trixya Fic✨
    33.8K 601 33

    be prepared the best trixya and perlet fic is here *all of them are out of drag* #dragfanfictionaward

  • A Mouth Full of Blood.
    2.6M 144K 98

    (BOOK 2) *Also a stand-alone book!* Oliver is everything you would consider a normal eighteen-year-old boy to be. He is kind, helpful and works hard. Little did he know, his world was about to take a drastic turn when what most people refer to as cold-blooded, changes his life forever.

  • Straight Boys
    1.1M 44.8K 48

    Andrew Parsley is most definitely straight. He obviously only likes girls if the many hook ups he has had in the past mean anything. Zachary Rogers is the definition of straight. He not only has a girlfriend, but he makes it his life goal to show everybody and Andrew Parsley that he's completely into this girl. Corb...

  • Falling For The Vampire
    77.8K 3K 13

    A little Neko falls for a ruthless vampire ??

  • Roommates with Secrets (BoyxBoy)
    2M 70K 35

    Keegan Pierce is the shyest Boy around. Trying to escape his past of bullying and abuse from both parents and other students, He doesn't see much of a happy life for himself until he's forced to be roommates with a certain Jock from his old school. Alex Fisher Is a well known Jock, Living a life of partying and frie...

    Completed   Mature