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  • Criminally Insane
    197K 10.1K 20

    Seth was admitted into West Valley Psychiatric Hospital at such a young age for something he didn't quite understand was bad. To him, he was right, and he always stood by that opinion as the years went by. With his condition worsening, nurses and doctors found themselves giving up on the poor man until one day a new n...

  • Torturous
    103K 4.7K 19

    Love is full of suffering and sacrifices. It hurts; it's painful; it's torturous. A vicious killer, who wanders into Y/N's hometown, falls victim to love's deadly spell the moment he lays eyes on the beautiful flower who speaks to him with pure kindness. There isn't a person he wouldn't kill to prevent the parasites f...

  • Servant
    475K 15.5K 30

    Y/N is just a normal, peasant girl, so how did she end up in this place, serving under the King's cruel command? Well, it's simple, really. She just wants her family to be safe even if it means putting up with his insane personality, but how long will that last? How long can she hold herself together when all the man...

  • Black Sheep
    273K 13.3K 47

    Y/N gets more than she bargained for when getting to know the mystery creature that's been living in her shop silently for the past few years. She never would've imagined the sort of adventure he would lead her to, nor did she expected to be close with a beast of Hell. But, be warned: dangers lie ahead. Obstacles that...

  • Captured
    87.6K 3.9K 11

    The ocean is full of mysterious creatures and things. Mermaids and mermen are among these wonders, but they are nothing but myths, or so one would think. The world is certainly full of wonderful surprises. One fateful day, Y/N's father finds himself drowning in the deep blue. He thought he'd die, but was thankfully re...

  • King of Owls
    32K 1.6K 7

    A man is hidden in a peculiar forest untouched by humans for centuries. He keeps a watchful eye to make sure the peace isn't disturbed. One day, a young woman is found venturing his world. He is unsure what to make of her. His forest has been invisible to all human kind. Her eyes were special, though, they looked as o...