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  • Eren x Levi Nightmares {ATTACK ON TITAN} (COMPLETE)
    143K 4.7K 46

    Eren x Levi . Eren finds himself awake late at night, he runs into Levi's room to find comfort. After that one night, it had changed what the two think of eachother. After becoming closer with one another, they meet a new titan, that will be the death of all of them. . I personally think that the book starts to becom...

  • A Dash of Demise
    4.6M 253K 79

    In the kingdom of Vanderdash, there is no more feared warriors than that of the Scarlet Guard. Protectors of the royal family, skilled assassins trained since childhood, They follow the crown, they enforce the crown. To many, the group cloaked in red is a greater symbol of the royal family's power than the kings crown...

  • Gay Best Friend (on hiatus)
    340K 28.3K 42

    Poppy Poole was moving to a new town, to start over with her mother, little sister, and twin brother, to start over. Again. It was the fifth time this year. But as always poppy chose to stay optimistic, maybe this new town would be the last where they could finally settle. Her mother would quit drinking and they would...

  • Trouble
    1.7M 91.2K 72

    When Vega Moore was 13 her mother was murdered by a crime lord with a grudge against her father. After the tragedy the two moved from the town of Parkville Florida to Detroit Michigan. Her father needed a break from work and she needed therapy, so he went back to being a street cop and she took up kickboxing and the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Confessions About Colton
    7.3M 388K 50

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Seven letters, seven confessions, seven clues. Elliot Parker has what he needs to find out who killed his best friend... But is he hunting down the killer? Or is the killer hunting him? ***** When Colton Crest returns, unhar...

  • Death Is My Friend with Benefits (Book Four - WA Winner 2013)
    6.1M 227K 24

    My Watty Awards 2013 Winner! The fourth installment of the DIMBFF series continues the thrilling journey of a young woman, Faith Williams, battling for her life, and the Angel of Death dragging her further into his world. *** My writing page! Please join! <3

  • The Face Thief
    486K 36.1K 84

    ''You don't want to be going that way, my dear,'' the voice cooed from everywhere at once. ''Ancient things that feast on flesh have made their home there and just now, girls are melting away like snow.'' Kovya Karazamova, the storyteller's daughter, has many names. Soldier. Tretyak. Heretic. But there is one that t...

  • After Humanity
    1.4M 34.3K 16

    * 2017 WATTY WINNER!* A/N Please note that as of January 2020, After Humanity has been unpublished. Still posted are the first 13 chapters of the story as a preview. It is my hope to get this book published off of wattpad so if you enjoy what you read? Please add the story to your reading list! All updates regarding...

  • Hawthorne Heights [Editing]
    575K 46.2K 52

    winner of the wattys 2017 awards ✿ destruction is a form of creation; buildings crumbled as he walked past. No longer finding the appeal of materialism, Milo Locke attempts to rid the ideologies that she's been forced to believe. Khari Spence lives in a city so hateful that he'd rather die than be who he wants. He fin...

  • One Last Miracle [complete]
    126K 3.6K 41

    • RE-WRITTEN VERSION OF LETTING YOU GO • "Everyone get's a dying wish. But not everyone gets a miracle." No one knows the ups and downs of life like Alyson Adams. A cancer diagnosis was just the start. But her life isn't over, far from it. Because life is one epic ride. There's the good and the...

  • Facing the Fae [BOOK TWO]
    51K 4.1K 16

    [SEQUEL TO 'WAKING THE FAE'] The Dark Fae are gone. The Queen is back on her throne where she belongs. But with no one to trust and the threats closer to home, Rebecca is struggling with it all. Her world has been thrown upside down and the weight of the world is now on her shoulders. . . Long may the Queen reign...

  • FNAF x reader
    222K 6.4K 26

    They loved you since you went inside the place.......... Do you love them back? Or reject their souls? That is your choice alone. Welcome to Freddy's pizzaria, dear readers. Grab a slice of pizza. The gang is ready for you.

  • They Are My Friends; FNAF✔
    185K 5.1K 64

    •female reader• Your home is a straight up hellhole. Your parents would not give a crap about you, let's not even talk about the abuse. One day, you become the new nightguard of the famous restaurant: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You become friends with the animatronics. You love them and they love you. But they soon sta...

    Completed   Mature
  • She came back (FNAF x female reader)
    116K 2.8K 29

    Since that fateful day she was banned from going to Freddy Fazbears pizza, (y/n) missed the animatronics and they missed her. Becoming the night guard brought them together. But when she finds out they love her, who does she choose? Who will win her heart? (Disclaimer: I do not own FNAF or you, I only own the story. E...

  • Elementals (#Wattys2017)
    93.9K 4.6K 45

    In her mind, LIna had no past, no present, and no future. She was left of the steps of a church the day she was born and was adopted. She fears she will never amount to anything as great as the mysterious masked guardians of her town. Constantly bullied about her superficial being she decides to end it all. Just befor...

  • Springtrap x Abused Reader!
    122K 2.3K 33

    So pretty much your a 14-year-old girl, whose father passes away at the age of 9 and your mother abuses you at any mistake you make. But when you run into Springtrap, you treat him as your savior since he really did save you. But the thing is, this nightmare, never ends. *NOTE* There are cuss words in this story, so...

  • FNAF Bonnie x Reader
    99.2K 3.2K 20

    When (y/n) and Willow (meh) are playing a game, they black out and wake up to find themselves inside, the game...? (Y/n) and Willow must figure out a way to survive the dreadful nights, saving themselves from the animatronics! Or, is there another way? It seems that the animatronics have taken a liking to the two, how...

  • Human!FNAF x Reader (Finished)
    341K 4.8K 18

  • Springtrap x mangle one shots.
    19.3K 282 27

    Random springtrap x mangle one shots. For all the springle lovers out there. plz enjoy. I will be taking request for and ONLY this couple. No lemons. Only fluff. Thanks.

  • Metal Hearts Still Beat FNAF Springtrap X reader X Vincent
    29.2K 831 21

    18 year-old [y/n] [l/n] just got the job as a security guard for Fazbear's Fright, a new horror attraction that had recently opened it's doors to the public. After the building closes it's doors and the clock hits midnight, [y/n] finds out she is not alone. There is something out there. Not all stories have a happy en...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Black Magic
    12.7M 426K 50

    Skyler is the ultimate loner. Raised by her witch Grandmother deep in the forest, Skyler has lived a friendless life of isolation and magic. Her fortunes change when she accidentally binds herself to a very powerful and handsome demon called Rayne. This former Prince of Hell is inexplicably drawn towards Skyler and fi...

  • The Fifth Element
    4.6M 257K 101

    In Elemental magic you can be one of four magic types; water, fire, earth, and air. The only problem is Violet is none of these things. Is she what they call a magic dud, or is she something rarer, more powerful, and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!? Teasers, "Em, most girls sneak out fo...

  • Fnaf Boyfriend Scenarios (Human Fnaf X reader)
    99.2K 1.5K 20

    Hey, welcome to your new job at freddy fazbear's pizzaria. This Is my first story on here, I'm existed, and please correct me if I misspell,thank you

  • Broken Love (A FNAF x reader fanfiction)
    226K 6.8K 27

    You are a babysitter for some little kids in town. When a new Pizzeria for kids opens up and the kids ask you to bring them, you do. But what happens when you learn about the moving anamatronics, and one just like you. Will you fall in love? Foxy x Reader

  • FNAF Lemons/Fluff
    598K 7K 80


  • Mage Slayer: Book Four of the Empress Saga
    141K 11.6K 85

    Reyn has nothing but secrets. Everything she is or has ever been becomes another reason to be despised. Born of demons, pursued by justice, and haunted by regret. In the service of the Dragon Empress, Reyn hoped to find vengeance for the life she lost, but as emissaries from a distant empire arrive with an offer of fr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Runner: Book Three of the Empress Saga
    118K 9.4K 58

    Joshuan Krayson has been condemned to die for crimes committed before his birth. The Highest King has granted him one hopeless chance at clemency. He must use his forbidden magic to preserve and deliver a noble bloodline to its chosen heir. However, the Spired City has many dangers, and hushed voices speak of the Drag...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rune Knight: Book Two of The Empress Saga
    111K 7.9K 39

    In the southern realm of Altier Nashal, a kingdom of frozen seas and vast forests, a civil war between three rival factions sparks the beginning of a foretold doom. Ban Karst, paladin and scrivener, is the noble son of the Lord Regent and declared a traitor by all sides. Ban's betrothed is left to hold a kingdom toget...

  • Falling For Family
    126K 5.3K 33

    The pizzeria has been burned down for a while now. With your entire family inside. It's just you in the kids now. A new Freddy's horror attraction just got built and you take the night guard job. For old times sake. Except, old enemies lie in wait and new people are there to haunt you forever.

  • FNAF x Reader
    956K 29.6K 26

    You have just started your new job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, desperate for money. You didn't pay attention to what the job was about except the pay. So when you start your days as the night security guard, you don't expect anything to happen. Anything bad, at least. Wrong. When something horrid happens at the piz...