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  • Bumbleby Oneshots (Im too lazy to make a book cover)
    356 9 2

    Oneshots I know it You know it We know it It's a place where we thirsty people go to if we want a non canonical (most of the time) characters to kiss, confess, and do...stuff. Yeah.

    3.6K 112 11

    Decided to take the old one out and make a new one, because all in that book are drawings of Serena xD.

  • Yeh Rants Because That's What Everyone Want To Read About
    2.8K 80 6

    Rants That's pretty much it.

  • A Broken Petal (Amour)
    3.5K 149 3

    You need a summary of my life? Nothing needs a summary when it comes to me. I'm nothing but a broken girl.

  • Summer (Part 2)
    9.5K 226 7

    This is the second book of the story called "Summer" (obviously). The story continues as a mysterious man appeared at the camp making several campers along with Ash, Serena, and the others watch their backs 24/7. Serena, who is still trying to regain her memories stumbles upon a secret place around the woods with th...

  • Let's just say I'm Psychic (Armourshipping)
    59.8K 1.6K 34

    What will happen when Ash finds out one of his bestfriends were alive and psychic ?

  • I'm Yours (Amourshiping)
    107K 1.9K 12

    Serena became Kalos Queen, but Ash didn't win the Kalos league making him depress. What will Serena do? Will she tell him how she feels? Or let his other female companion get a chance with him? BTW This is only a short story.

  • I'm Yours 2 (Amourshipping)
    37K 841 13

    Sequel of the original book "I'm Yours (Amourshipping)" Serena and Ash had been a happy couple for 5 months since the league, but what happens if Serena constantly gets nightmares and visions about her darkness inside her heart? Find out in this story!

  • Don't Fall In Love With Me (Amourshipping)
    162K 4.8K 53

    Ash Ketchum a normal raven haired boy, he was just a normal boy with a normal life until he met his destiny Serena Yvonne the leader of the strongest gangster clan in Kalos the "Yveltal Clan" What will happen if destiny let them meet each other face to fist?

  • Who's The Husband?
    5.1K 112 2

    It's one-shot based on Serena telling her daughter Lara about her father. She tries to guess what's his name, but what about you? Who is Lara's father?

  • Who Am I?
    1.2K 29 2

    Another game I come up XD This time you have to guess which Pokemon character I'm describing ^_^ goodluck

  • Pokemon Quiz
    1.2K 31 2

    Pokemon quizu~ Sekai wa?

  • The Dense Kalosian Queen (Amourshipping)
    11.7K 313 4

    Just simple one-shots about the different worlds in Pokemon. In this story it will be based on Serena being the dense one while Ash being the one who has a crush on her. I have been planning on making this story for awhile now, I just couldn't make it because of school and stuff.

  • The Serena I Knew
    2.7K 93 1

    Just a mirror world one-shot based on XYZ episode 28. This time Serena is the one who is depress from loosing the master class that was on Snowbelle.

  • Summer (Amourshipping)
    117K 2.6K 23

    He once met a girl during summer camp, but after that she was gone. No one knows who that girl is, but deep inside his heart, he knows they will meet again. Possibly in summer

  • Amour One-Shots
    136K 3.8K 40

    Yeah, decided to make a one-shot only for Amour. Crazy right? Because the WhiteYvonne who obviously is crazy about Amour decided to make one-shots about it... Seriously?

  • Geekcharming (Amourshipping)
    52.7K 1.6K 18

    Meet Ash Ketchum, he's one of the popular boys of Kalostruckhigh. Every girl and boy adores him, because of his popularity and being the handsome devil he is. Until a certain geek entered his life and ruined his fame forever. But here's the twist, he was okay with it.

  • I'm Yours 3 The Final Dream
    26.5K 627 16

    After the event 4 years ago, Serena and Ash has become quite a happy couple. But what happens when a new threat comes and wants a new world? Will they ever be together? Or will faith pull them apart once again? Oh and this is the third sequel of this book, so better make sure you have read the other two before you rea...

  • Make A Wish On A Shooting Star (Amour)
    133K 4.5K 52

    This story will be written by XxRyanYvonnexX and I. We will switch every chapter, so I hope you enjoy ^_^ People would bully him and mock him for not having a girlfriend. Ash wanted one, but was too timid to make a move. But then.. One day, he made a wish on a star And for 40 days things will never be the same

  • THE SHOW!!Truth Or Dare (Pokeani)
    76.7K 2.2K 50

    Just something to do when I get super bored, so don't expect this to get updated everyday. It' pretty much like any truth or dare book you have ever read here on wattpad :p

  • And To Our Own Way
    2.8K 122 1

    Just a one-shot based on the XY gang I want honor this one of a kind team with a story they deserve. #XYgangisbae