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  • Why Don't We Imagine (WDW imagines and preferences)
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    :) Requests are open.

  • catfish (discontinued) | seavey
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    "Dear Nev and Max, I need your help." Started : 07/11/17 Discontinued : 01/03/18

  • My Sister's Keeper
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    After his sister is brutally attacked and crippled investigating the rape of a thirteen-year-old, Richard Baimbridge rushes back to his hometown of Wilmington, NC, to assist in her recovery only to come face to face with his tormented past and a dark family secret. Serving as his sister's legs, he fights to stay above...

  • The Secrets He Keeps | Colby Brock✔️
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    *COMPLETED 9/26/18 "Who are you?" I whispered, frightened by him. "That's none of your concern, princess," he stared intensely down at me. "I need to know," I swallowed the lump in my throat. He leaned closer, our lips inches apart. "It's a secret."