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  • You Changed? (Blaze x reader ~Starlight) *DISCONTINUED*
    46.6K 1.3K 23

    You are Y/n M/n L/n. You're related to Garroth and Zane. They're in fact your cousins! You haven't seen them for about three years. You are a business women who works with the Lycan family. You only know Malissa and Mr. Lycan aka Derick. But will you meet the Werewolf of your dreams? READ TO FIND OUT! 😂 Book cover by...

  • Minecraft Diaries Bf scenarios
    180K 2.9K 34

    Includes Garroth, Laurance, Travis, Dante, Zane, and Aaron. All creds go to Aphmau

  • Aphmau preferences!
    259K 5.4K 68

    So this is going to be a mcd/Mystreet preference book. The guys will be Garroth, Larence, Aaron , and Zane( also some Travis). And if my imagination allows me I might put in some imagines ( oneshots ) . I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS! All the characters belong to the amazing Jess. That is it for know I hope you en...

  • Aphmau Oneshots
    107K 2.6K 48

    Aphmau Oneshots! All characters belong to Aphmau. Requests are closed.

  • Diaries Oneshots
    89.9K 1.7K 47

    This book is filled with tons of MCD ships! This book is appropriate, not much steamy stuff going on in here. No OC's or people not mentioned in the series. :) -//CURRENTLY EDITING\\- All stories in here are originally written. None of my work is copied from other writers. Please do not copy or take my work, as I've w...

  • •MCD One-Shotsᵀᴾᴬ
    67.5K 2.1K 84

    This is a book of Minecraft Diaries One Shots made by this collab group, @The_Phoenix_Alliance! • Expect many ships including Garmau, Dancole, Travlyn, Aarmau, Laurmau, Garrance and many, many others to come! We all hope you will enjoy reading these One Shots, and don't forget to leave a vote and check out each of th...

  • The New Werewolf:::Dottie/Rylan/Daniel x reader {Completed} [book one] /PDH/
    34.7K 599 28

    I'm bad at describing things anyways!!!! So Yea enjoy the story🍪🍪🍪🍩🍩 Cover By:::Aphmau Amino I found it on google images. I do not own any of Aphmaus characters or story line that goes with it

  • {We Met Online} {MyStreet X Reader} [On Hold] (Major Editing)
    22.4K 178 5

    (Y/n) moved away in hopes of forgetting her past self, her friends and even her family. Being a totally gamer, and anime lover, the only logical place to go was MyStreet, with her online friends, Aphmau, Aaron, Laurence, Dante, Travis, Zane, and Garroth. On her way, meeting some great people such as, Katelyn, Kawaii~C...

  • Dante's Sister (MyStreet X Reader) Book I
    109K 2K 37

    You move into MyStreet With Your bigger brother Dante, you moved next door and then you find out that Dante has some friends. You meet Laurence,Garroth,Travis,Aaron,Aphmau,Katelyh,Kawaii~Chan,Lucinda, Nicole, Cadenza, Zane, Reese, Michi, and others. Sooner, the boys love you as a friend, maybe more then just a friend!

  • What I Like About You: A Ro'meave Brothers X Reader *DISCONTINUED*
    106K 4.3K 25

    "So it's settled. Ms. L/N will join you on tour." Well, we're fucked. ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️ The Ro'meave Brothers. If you haven't heard of them, you pretty much live under a rock. They're the biggest boy band in Ru'an, Tu'La, and Galu'ruk. Made up of three brothers- Garroth, guitarist, and lead singer;...

  • Not a Normal Meif'wa (Blaze X Reader) DISCONTINUED 5/6/18
    13K 298 10

    WARNING: 2 YEARS OLD. THIS IS OLD WRITING. ❤︎ "Meif'wa Are Disgusting" ❤︎ ❤︎ You Have Heard It All Your Life. But There's This One Werewolf Boy Who Won't Stand It. Until He Crushes Your Heart ❤︎ ❤︎ Who Will Help You Get Back Up On Your Feet? ❤︎ ❤︎I do not own the characters. All the characters except you, of course, a...

  • {DISCONTINUED} Aaron x Reader Lemons
    150K 1.2K 26

    I'm a lesbian now, so have fun reading

    Completed   Mature
  • Aphmau Scenerios
    60.3K 1K 15

    Headcanons and Oneshots for all the chacters in the aphmauverse!

  • Minecraft Diaries X Reader One-shots + Scenarios
    326K 5K 37

    Minecraft Diaries X Reader >Fandom Book< Scenarios Lemons Fluff Angst +More! Characters that I mostly write: >Garroth >Laurance >Travis >Vylad >Zane >Aaron FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ANYTHING WITH 'X READER'

    Completed   Mature
  • Minecraft Diaries: Boyfriend scenarios & oneshots
    87.4K 1.4K 16

    Ever wanted to date a Minecraft diaries character well now you can. This will be in Modern time. Edit: it now has oneshots!!! **disclaimer: I do NOT own Minecraft Diaries!!! Aphmau does.

  • Aphmau OneShots X Reader (Discontinued)
    122K 1.6K 26

    (DISCONTINUED) In this OneShot Book, you will be able to request PDH, MCD, MYSTREET, and Estorra. I will be taking requests and at the end of each chapter whom ever you all want the most, will be in the next chapter. I hope you enjoy!! And please don't be afraid to leave a comment on who you would like, or some idea y...

  • Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios
    636K 12.3K 45

    This includes! Gene~ Dante~ Laurence~ Travis~ Vylad~ Zane~ Aaron~

  • Aphmau Boyfriend One-Shots and Preferences | *COMPLETED*
    19.1K 382 64

    This is a One-Shot and preferences book about Aphmau In PDH, MCD, FCU and Mystreet/Lovers Lane/ Emerald Secret/Aphmau's Year/Starlight Containing: Laurence, Travis, Garroth, Dante, Gene, Aaron, Vylad, Zane, Blaze, And I might do lemons, but only if you want me to (And some ship stories..) -------------------- Cover...

    Completed   Mature
  • {Emerald Secret X Reader}
    41.4K 613 123

    This is Aphmau's Series, and I highly recommend to watch it! It's so well made. Character Credits to her!! What if you were forced as something which you would have never chosen to be? What if you wanted to do something for a loved one, but then it goes all wrong. You lose everything. You have no hope. You are slowly...

  • [DISCONTINUED] Emerald Secret x Reader | Hook, Line, And Sinker
    24.3K 524 24

    :Thank you for all of your kind comments and suggestions! I try my best not to miss any of them!

  • Burning Love - blaze x reader
    2.7K 105 6

    (name) was just an average, short-tempered teenager. She lived alone, no depression, and a real hot head. When he meets a werewolf named Blaze at the park, things seem to change. ~~~ Blaze is hot. see what I did there? no? okay.

  • Underwater(Mystreet x Reader)((Remaking in Progress))
    32.3K 703 11

    This is when they are at Love Love Paradise. You are Katelyn's little sister so you can tell where that goes with boys. Its like when Katelyn's dad goes on a date but 10000000 times worse.

  • ♡ Love At Paradise [Love Love Paradise X Reader]
    2.2K 38 9

    This starts with you being Katelyn sister, and you've met the boys. But you were a still living with your dad. (But you know dad is not into boys). So your mostly a daddy's girl. Somehow your dad won a trip by entering this Kissing contest,with Aphmau's mom. (Which you already knew). So you take time from your study...

  • Tangled In Love (Garroth X Laurence X Dante X Reader)
    37.4K 970 45

    A young Jury of Nine rebels against her boss. She and her good friend who also happenes to have the same hatered for the man they work for run away and end up meeting three guards that lead them into their new life. What will happen to her? What will she discover? Will she find love at last? Hey! I hope you will enj...

  • Zane adopts you?! ( MyStreet Zane X Fem! Child! Reader ) [FINISHED]
    29.5K 575 19

    You are found in a small box by none other than Zane Ro'meave after he came out to blow off some steam from what happened with Garroth the past night. He feels kinda sorry for you left alone in the cold so he takes you in. What kind of mischief will you get up to?

  • MineCraftDiaries One~Shots
    127K 3.1K 149

    These have the characters from every series that Aphmau has created! Suggest any guy or girl you'd like to see next! I will NOT do a character x Oc. Requests are always open.

    Completed   Mature
  • Blue wolf (Katelyn x reader)
    3.8K 74 7

    (Y/N) moves in to a new neighborhood, Lover's Lane. She moves in right next to Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan. (Y/N) becomes best friends with Aphmau, but what happens when she falls for the blue haired beauty? find out in Blue wolf. this is girlxgirl, don't like that? well get out also there will be 18+ content and lots of...

    351K 3.4K 45

    I hope you enjoy my stories 😊 Thanks for reading 😃

  • Ein x Reader {One-shots}
    18.6K 259 5

    《REQUESTS ARE OPEN》 So I was told that there aren't any Ein x Reader One-shots so I made one! Hope you enjoy, can't promise it will be gud but I'll try lol :3 NONE OF THE CHARACTERS ARE MINE NOR ARE THE PICTURES THEY ALL BELONGS TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS, but I did edit the cover and the plots are mine :)