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  • Just why?
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    It's two every different people who have different personalities, but figure out at the end that they are the same. He may be the dangerous guy and she may be the most innocent one but, their minds collide together. It isn't a love story but, a story about how two different people understand each other. Everything al...

  • The Billionaires Spark
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    I fight with you and you fight with me for US..........................I try to walk away but you anchor me with your Love, Faith , Understanding,Change and Respect. I'm ten miles away.............while you're fifty miles ahead waiting to make me see the distance you will go for us. Twenty-five year old Billionnarie...

  • Topping charts
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    This is not a story book, but it is my opinion on some books that I have read here and that I think should be topping the charts because they are great and just need to be know even more.

  • Found
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    Reyna May. She's just an ordinary 19 year old looking for a place to fit in. Newly enrolled into college, she finally got the break she deserved. She finally got her life back on track with school, dance and the only family she has left. Then, she met him. He pulled her into a world she thought only existed in books...

  • Primitive Destiny: The Unknown
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    #807 in Werewolf as of 10/31/16 Several centuries ago, the seven packs of America lived in harmony. But the arrival of one woman changed it all, hundreds of years later, the packs are still at war with each other over the disappearance of that woman. Now one girl, the daughter of a Beta to the Greenland Pack, may be t...

  • Will be Stories!!!
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    Story ideas I have, but don't know what anyone would like. If you find something you like and want to read vote or comment. Thx!!!