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  • Ruthless Highlander's Kiss (Slow Updates)
    321K 2.9K 5

    17 years old Katrina Stuart gets tricked into attending a summer program in Scotland. What's she gonna learn from people who where plaid skirts and play bagpipes?

  • the hybrid's love (a twilight/tvd story)
    30.2K 757 10

    Klaus and Bella story. Edward leaves Bella in the woods and Klaus was watching and becomes drawn to her as she cannot be compelled and looks remarkably like the petrova doppelganger. Is she part of the petrova family? can their relationship survive?

  • Tools of the trade.
    383K 14.2K 28

    Lola isn't your typical girl.. She's opinionated, very straight forward and her best 'relationship' was a one night stand with her gay best friend. If that's not enough she's also kind of chubby and plain looking and she doesn't believe in romance or cliché love stories like the novels she buys and reads at night when...

  • The volturi has come for me
    763 15 1

    My mom was brutally murdered when i was 10 after that my whole life has begun to change i met mean people who want to kill me but i was the one who eas ment to die my mom was never supposed to die...

  • Jasper Hale's Little Sister.
    386K 7.3K 38

    Texas Volturi. Jasper Whitlock Hale's Little sister. A member of the Volturi for over a century. What happens when she goes to Forks and meets her brother? *set at the end of eclipse right through to the end of breaking dawn and further*

  • Isabella Swan? Nope, Belle Petrova! *hiatus sorry :/*
    54.1K 1.4K 9

    A big group of kids dropped in at Forks High. But Bella knew them and they knew her. And what if the Cullens didn't know Bella at all. Mostly because her name isn't Isabella Swan. It's Belle Petrova. I know the summery sucks but please check it out. It has a lot of funny adventures!  ~~~I can't figure out what to...

  • The Ability Snatcher: Rosalie and Emmett's Daughter {A Alec Love Story}
    10.4K 210 2

    (Okay I suck at these things, but I will give it a try) One day everyone in the Cullen family besides Emmett when out hunting. Emmett stayed home to play on his Xbox, when his biological brother showed up with a baby in his hands. His brother had gotten a human pregnant and wanted no part in his daughter life. He gave...